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Ad Tech Report

Ad Tech Industry Report 2023: High-Impact Banners & Trends

Unveil the best-performing ad banners and hottest trends of this year. Grounded analytics and stats are included.


White-Label vs. Self-Serve DSP: Making the Final Choice

Watch a not-so-epic fight between a WL and SS DSP, see the obvious winner, and discover how it helps brands like yours.

Ad Server Guide

Choose an Ad Server Like a Pro: An Ultimate Foolproof Guide

Don’t get caught! Sergey explains how to avoid the trap of hidden fees, useless features, and loud words that never turn into actions while choosing an ad server.

Ad Servers Comparison

Top-12 Ad Server Comparison For Publishers & Ad Networks

Read this guide to find the one and only ad server that will help you scale and earn more. Additionally, a detailed description of key ad server features is included.

10 Facts About WL DSP

10 Facts About a White-Label DSP for Beginners and Experts

Discover the world of a white-label DSP through a series of facts that explain its main advantages as well as limitations for certain businesses.

Checklist for publishers

8 Steps Toward Better Inventory Management with White-Label Software

Follow these essential steps to build your own path toward more customizable, transparent, and cost-effective monetization.

Checklist for advertisers

Growing Your Brand with Next-Level Advertising Tools: 10-Step Checklist

Step beyond “one-size-fits-all” solutions and see how to customize your ad tech stack for better, personalized ad serving.

Checklist for ad networks

Insider 11-Step Checklist to Scale Your Ad Network

Bring more clarity in your ad network growth plan — learn how to choose the right ad tech stack and manage your partners better.

Postcoronapocalypse guide

Postcoronapocalypse Survival Guide for Brands & Networks

Your chance to tuck and roll with advanced advertising practices and keep your business afloat during the corona crisis.

DSP guide

Demand-Side Platform from A to Z: How and Why Advertise with a DSP

Learn the basics of how a demand-side platform works and why it may bea must-have for your brand or advertising business.

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