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Make your ads more impactful with rich media ad serving. Feature non-standard ad creatives in your campaigns to capture attention and inspire action.


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Utilize an independent rich media ad server to create unique ads that engage your
audience. Discover how our platform will benefit your business model.

Website Owners

Serve high-paying ad units and expand your inventory to maximize your revenue.

  • 300%uplift in ad revenue
  • 53%better inventory utilization
  • 28%boost in page view duration

Ad Networks

Deliver superior performance and meet the needs of your most demanding clients.

  • 267%higher CTRs
  • 38%better advertiser retention
  • 45%higher client satisfaction


Generate more conversions and scale your brand faster with dynamic ad campaigns.

  • 249%higher action rate
  • 70%better brand recognition
  • 50%increase in purchase intent

Serve Dynamic Ads with
Our Rich Media Templates

Explore our HTML5 ad formats designed for effortless rich media ad serving.
Choose from these top picks or customize our base template to create your own.

HTML5 Pushdown

Grab user attention from the first seconds with an ad floating above the header. Optimize impact by adding animated elements.

View demo

HTML5 Catfish

Engage your audience as they scroll through the content. Embed this ad in the footer with interactive features to prompt action.

View demo

Multi HTML5 Skin

Ensure your ad catches the eye at every turn. Utilize a dynamic set of background images to multiply the chances for clicks and sales.

View demo

Responsive HTML5 Banner

Design adaptable banners that adjust to any screen. Customize design & animations and track multiple actions across devices.

View demo

Corner Pop Up

Guarantee 100% viewability and boost CTR with a rich media template that slides out of the corner and stays there until the user takes action.

View demo


Drive immediate engagement with a full-screen interstitial template. Users will follow the link or close the ad to return to the content.

View demo


Integrate ads seamlessly within existing site images for a native-like, contextually targeted advertising experience.

View demo

In-App Playable Interstitial

Inspire users to act with in-app playable ads. These high-paying formats significantly increase earnings for app owners.

View demo

Custom Rich Media Template

Craft unique, interactive ads with our rich media ad server, or collaborate with us to develop a bespoke ad experience that rocks.

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More Engaging Templates Are
Waiting for You. Preview Them Now

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Customizable Features of Our
Rich Media Ad Server

Enhance your advertising strategy with rich media ad serving. Create
exclusively fitting ads, monitor custom events, and broaden your
inventory beyond standard placements.

Create Stunning Animated Ads

Serve animated creatives using one of our templates that supports HTML5. Simply upload your files to Epom as a ZIP archive and fine-tune ad parameters to meet your needs.

Launch Cross-Device Campaigns

Reach the audience across all devices with just one campaign that features responsive, rich media banners. Adapt settings for optimal engagement on each device.

Track Custom Event Metrics

Set up S2S or pixel tracking to gather insights on your ad activities. Monitor conversions like sales and installs and specific actions like hovers, rewards, and drag-and-drops.

Incorporate Data-Driven Ad Elements

Make your ads display dynamic content based on real-time data. Enhance engagement by adding unique elements like sports scores, location-based features, or stock prices.

Harness Precise Audience Targeting

Target your users with 20+ pre-set parameters, or use any publisher data you can collect. Apply advanced techniques like contextual and time-based targeting to win more clicks.

Unlock More Ad Placement Options

Scale up your website or app inventory with expandable and pop-up ads. Serve compelling creatives on top and in between your content to double monetization revenue.

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“We combined the capabilities of Epom rich media ad server with our AI-based approach to advertising. The result exceeded our expectations: we increased the conversion rates of our clients’ ads by 93% on average.”
Ben Frank
Tech Operations
Manager at Rise
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Explore More Solutions from Epom

Check out a variety of ad formats we’re excited to offer for your growth.

Video Ads Solution

Embrace in-stream and outstream video ads to boost engagement even more.

Native Ad Server

Catch users attention with naturally placed ads. Boost CTR without sacrificing UX

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Target your creatives at users on the go and adjust them to mobile screens and apps.


What is a rich media ad server?

A rich media ad server is an ad tech platform that helps advertisers, publishers, and ad networks launch and optimize rich media ad campaigns.

It’s different from a regular display-focused solution due to its extensive support of advanced technology like iFrame tags, JSON responses, HTML5, and MRAID protocol. Ad servers like Epom also offer pre-made templates to simplify rich media ad serving for their clients.

What is the difference between rich media and standard banners?

Rich media banners offer interactive features such as video playback, animations, and interactive elements like buttons or forms, while standard banners are merely static images with limited interaction possibilities. Rich media ads provide a more engaging user experience and yield higher click-through and conversion rates than standard banners.

How do I create a rich media ad?

First, you’ll have to prepare all the assets, such as videos, animation strips, audio, and graphic elements, that you’d like to include in your ad.

Second, you need to combine them all into a ZIP archive to prepare them for uploading to the Epom ad server.

Last, select a suitable rich media template or create your own with Epom and adjust all the banner’s parameters regarding its look, functionality, and available events.

How does rich media ad serving help increase conversions and revenue?

Rich media ad serving helps increase conversions and revenue by providing users with a more engaging ad experience. Due to their high interactivity, these ads capture users' attention more effectively, leading to increased click-through rates and conversions.

Tracking user interactions with rich media ads also allows advertisers and publishers to optimize their campaigns for better performance and ROI.

What metrics should I track to measure the effectiveness of rich media ads?

Key metrics to track for measuring the effectiveness of rich media ads include click-through rate (CTR), interaction rate, view completion rate (for video ads), conversion rate, engagement time, and return on ad spend (ROAS). These metrics provide insights into how users interact with your ads and can help you optimize your campaigns for better results.

How can I ensure that my rich media ads are user-friendly?

Focus on creating ads that are visually appealing, easy to understand, and relevant to your target audience. Avoid cluttering the ad with too many elements, and ensure that interactive features are easy to use.

Optimize your ads for mobile devices and ensure fast loading times to provide a seamless user experience across all devices. Review analytics at least once weekly and optimize your ads based on the report if they do not perform well.

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