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New Methods for Increasing Conversions

Marketing technologies that are applicable for websites are developing and changing as everything else in digital does. Check out five innovative methods for driving urgency among consumers and boosting conversions, and see if you are not missing out!

1. Setting up a countdown

Although the set-up of a countdown is very easy to implement, it is one of the most effective ways to drive online sales. Adding a timer to the product page that counts down the time for special offers really works its magic in urging consumers to convert right away instead of abandoning the purchase. The impact will be maximized if you add seconds to the timer’s format, because seeing the time counting down live every moment creates the highest sense of urgency among customers.

2. Adding user-specific timers

This is a similar solution, though it presupposes a different approach. You can make use of cookies showing the date and time a particular user entered the site, set up a countdown timer for a special offer starting from the moment one first visited and continuing during the later visits. To let the user know the offer is exclusive, push for products that would otherwise have remained unachievable.

3. Using products’ statistics

Consumers like the feeling of confidence and a social proof. So, show them how many people have viewed/ordered the specific item during the hour/day. In addition to proving to customers that the product is popular, you will also urge them with the sense that it might actually go out of stock.

4. Defining delivery deadlines

Do not underestimate messaging for ‘the ultimate chance to buy a product and get it delivered before holidays’. In spite of being frequently used on the web, it still remains effective, and more so as the deadline approaches. The only advice here is to try and extend the method to more seasonal or personal events than Christmas sales.

5. Offering discounts at users’ exit

There is a good chance to create urgency at the stage when, upon adding items to the basket, a user is leaving the site with intention to finish the purchase later instead of buying right away. What you need to do is determine this intention based on the direction of mouse movements, and create a trigger with a powerful message e.g. a time-sensitive discount (% off for completing the order within a set time frame). The side benefit here is that you target an engaged customer who has already added products to the basket. However, there’s a risk that your clients may learn to dawdle on the site in order to be rewarded with a last-second discount.

Written by Maya Andrejczyk
PR Manager at Epom
Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
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The Growth Of Automation Software In Marketing

The current state of digital marketing promises a growing interest in marketing automation software. This interest is mostly driven by marketers’ need to learn as much about their customers’ preferences as possible before the start of their advertising campaigns.

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Epom Launches Referral Programs

We are happy to inform our customers about the recent launch of featured referral programs for clients of Epom ad server and Epom Market.

According to the official announcement, Epom clients can now take part in two company’s featured referral programs, all aimed at providing them with rather effortless additional earnings, that is, via inviting new customers.

free 300x193 Epom Launches Referral Programs

In this respect, participation in Epom Ad Server Referral Program presupposes sharing a particular, so-called referral link and inviting new clients to try out Epom ad serving products. The algorithm, used for counting earnings is as follows: you make 40% of the referral’s revenue in the 1st billable month, and 5% of referrals’ monthly revenue as Epom Ad Servers customers.

As for Epom Market Referral Program, the participants are required to invite Publishers to join the ad network in the same way, via sharing unique referral links.  The algorithm, according to which Epom Market counts your earnings in the Referral Program, is also clear: you get 5% of each referral’s monthly revenue as an Epom Market Publisher, in case the network’s ads remain active at the Publisher’s website for 30 days minimum.

You can find Epom Referral Links, described above in your account in the Referral Program Tab. If you wish to find out more about Terms of Use in Epom Referral Programs, please, peruse Epom Ad Server Referral Program and Epom Market Referral Program sections.


Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom

Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
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Real-Time Marketing: How Brands See It Today

One of the hottest trends that has created much buzz in digital last year is real-time marketing. Most brands and agencies have already adopted it, but some are still unsure about whether they should dive in. If you belong to the latter, this might only be so because your perception of what constitutes “real-time” is constrained to very narrow bounds. Hopefully, the information below will provide insight and give you some guidance in this new marketing field.

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Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014: Insights from Epom Team

Undoubtedly, the recent Ad:tech event in San Francisco was thrilling to take part in.  Naturally, Epom team representatives have brought back a great deal of impressions and interesting insights on the latest conference.

San Francisco has been hosting annual Ad:tech events for long now, and yet each conference happens to be unique in its essence and impresses everyone with the number of reputable participants, inspiring speeches and surprising discussions on how the international ad-tech industry is likely to develop in future.

katya Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014: Insights from Epom Team

This year’s event has gathered more than eight thousand companies, media and experts all in one place to share and exchange their outlooks and present their products. The exhibition area flooded with reporters and companies’ representatives, seeking for new partners or just browsing what their rivals had to offer.

The most memorable impressions, as Serg Kopitkowski, Epom Senior Sales manager, claims, were the fruitful negotiations with potential clients and insightful discussions with the company’s loyal customers. “We had an opportunity to determine the most beneficial ways to cooperate and maximize acquired results”, he says.

“Of course, it has been a real pleasure for us to share the latest news and modifications, implemented in major Epom products, with our partners.”, Mr. Lebowski, Epom Business Development manager claims. “It would take too much time to describe an entire list of the conference outcomes, but I can assure that we have a lot of exciting news to share”, he smiled.


Would you like to find out all about the newest updates in Epom solutions? Feel free to contact our dedicated support managers at support@epom.com for more details and spare a few minutes to check out what benefits Epom Ad Server for Networks offers you now.


Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom

Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
Visit us at http://epom.com/
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Google Changes The Approach To Private Exchanges

Programmatic advertising continues to confidently pace into the world of online marketing and gain popularity with both advertisers and publishers. However, when it comes to advertisers, RTB is more readily embraced by direct response than by brand advertisers.

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Epom Improves Ad Serving & Management Features

We are glad to inform Epom customers about latest improvements in a range of available ad serving & management functions, aimed at simplifying ad campaign management and optimization.

technology 194x300 Epom Improves Ad Serving & Management Features

In particular, some of the core upgrades in Epom ad serving solutions for clients include the following:

  • Updated eCPM Optimization
  • We have extended eCPM Optimization options for Epom customers, thus it is now possible to select the set up the best one, depending on each ad campaign specifics.

  • Extended Functions for Advertisers
  • We have recently extended the functionality of Epom Advertiser API, hence it has become easier to configure and manage ad campaigns and their particular settings easier and more effectively.

  • New Ad Campaign Configuration Features
  • The fresh ad configuration feature lies in an added ability to set up Click/Frequency/Action Capping on a Placement Level.

  • More Precise Analytics

From now on Epom clients have an option to access the more precise analytics in terms of tracking Actions in their accounts, so that it is easier to implement ongoing changes, apply varied optimization options and maximize their revenue as a result.

If you wish to learn more about fresh features at Epom, please, contact our support managers at support@epom.com for more details.

Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom

Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
Visit us at http://epom.com/
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Meet Us at Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014

If you somehow missed numerous announcements about the upcoming Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014, here is one more – Epom team will, certainly, take part in the conference, taking place on March 26 – 27, 2014.

Even though Epom team has been an Ad:tech participant for long now, the upcoming conference in San Francisco is likely to be an event to remember, without any doubt. To start with, it will gather the most reputable specialists in the ad tech industry from different parts of the world, who will share their outlooks, regarding the most expected innovations and the hottest international trends on the market.

adtech sf14 300x163 Meet Us at Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014 According to Mr. Ruin, CEO of Epom, due to the rapid development of online marketing and advertising industries within the past years, it has become even more exciting to track the changing tendencies in the field these days. “We saw incredible changes in the digital world in 2013, and this year will definitely be even more intense. Thus, we are looking forward to exchanging opinions with our partners worldwide, regarding the most probable prospects of the online ad sector. ”

As for Epom participation in the upcoming Ad:tech in San Francisco, as usually, we have prepared numerous surprises for our loyal partners and potential clients. Just to uncover a few, these will include essential product updates and modifications. “We have got much thrilling news to share, that’s for sure,” Mr. Serg Kopitkowski, Epom Senior Sales manager smiles.

If you wish to arrange a meeting with our team members at Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014 on March 26 – 27, 2014 or have any other inquiries, regarding the conference, please, drop us a line at pr@epom.com.


Written by Iryna Len

Chief Communications Officer at Epom

Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
Visit us at http://epom.com/
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Factors Slowing The Growth Of Mobile Advertising

The innovators in mobile technologies have made marketers strongly believe in the huge potential of the medium connected with geofencing and other location-based opportunities. The technology has actually gone so far as to allow in-store marketing instantly on mobile phones which can now serve as electronic wallets. And it still has the large capacity for further development.

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Publishers To Benefit Further In Symbiosis With Mobile

Mobile is promising to become the new significant driver of revenue for publishers this year.

Today, most publishers already have their publications in digital forms. The unprecedented evolution of mobile medium brings out new exciting opportunities for monetizing these digital products, one of the best being streamlining the subscriptions.

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