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Epom Introduces Piggyback Tracking Functionality

Epom has added the brand-new feature, which allows transferring all tracked conversion data volumes automatically to proprietary or 3-rd party ad serving solutions – the innovative Epom Piggyback Tracking.

pic Epom Introduces Piggyback Tracking Functionality Undoubtedly, the added Epom Piggyback Tracking functionality is substantially advantageous for ad network clients who usually partner with numerous advertisers and publishers in various verticals.

In particular, if they opt for activating the feature in their Epom ad server accounts, it will become possible to automatically send all tracked data, regarding actual conversion rates, to their clients, who use either 3rd party or proprietary ad servers.

Clearly, the implementation of Piggyback Tracking has a wide range of advantages for all parties, since it reduces network managers’ daily effort and allows their partners to keep all ad performance under control. In addition, it helps making the mutual cooperation among ad networks, publishers and advertisers absolutely transparent.

Learn how one of Epom ad network clients ADM has managed to simplify their work and improve business relations with their client DITS Games in our latest case study.

If you wish to find out more about the implementation of Epom Piggyback Tracking, please check out our support documentation or contact our highly qualified technical support team directly at support@epom.com.

Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom

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