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Cross-Channel Marketing Forecast

Everybody in the marketing world have already perceived the value and effectiveness of advertising simultaneously across online and offline channels. However, for most companies, cross-channel marketing is still quite hard to practice, mainly due to the disparity of data and approaches in traditional and digital media, and the enormously fast evolution of diverse digital platforms.

To get the idea of how to deal with all these challenges in your next cross-channel campaign, you ought to understand the prominent trends that emerge. Here’s how the industry leaders see the nearest future of cross-channel marketing:

Trend 1. International ecommerce 

Many marketers are planning to conduct online commercial activities in foreign markets in the nearest future. Ecommerce indeed provides outstanding opportunities for increasing brand’s reach and opening new markets. Yet, for such activity to be successful, data must become its core part.

Trend 2. Growing data accessibility 

Cross-channel data is often not used to its full extent. The reason is the lack of cooperation between online and offline marketing teams in sharing and linking their information. The next half a year is expected to be the time of correcting these discrepancies and working out the way of understanding and accessing data across all channels.

Trend 3. Increasing popularity of data management platforms

Data management platforms start to be generally recognized as ‘up and coming’ tools that allow very dynamic data from multiple channels to become more easily accessible and maintained with the purpose of making users’ experience across all media as seamless as possible.

Trend 4. Recognition of data analysts’ role in linking cross-channel data

The future of cross-channel marketing will depend much on data analysis. Marketing analysts are expected to be the ones linking the data operated by online and offline marketing teams, refining it and delivering its real value.

Trend 5. Changing the approach to getting results. 

These days, company executives often want fast results and immediately reject implementation of ideas that will take time to pay off. However, the specifics of multi-channel marketing requires acquisition of tools and support to perform effectively in digital. Marketers now hope for a digital transformation.

Trend 6. Need for redirecting marketing efforts

Marketers foresee the improvements in targeting. In cross-channel marketing, it is especially important to target consumers effectively, otherwise companies will be wasting lots of money and time. In practice, effective targeting means redirecting efforts towards focusing on consumers that are most likely to convert into real purchases.

Trend 7. Making it fun

Today, implementation of cross-channel strategies is far from an enjoyable experience for marketers, for they lack skill and tools. Still, they share a strong belief that in the nearest future joining up customers’ journey online and offline will become easier and more fun.

Written by Maya Andrejczyk
PR Manager at Epom
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How Social Media Listening Contributes to Marketing Efforts

When marketing on social media, it is important to both provide and get information. This may sound obvious, yet many marketers either completely disregard the latter or lack skill in driving valuable insights from what their audience has to say. In the end, they get nothing but a broken conversation, and all the efforts made to promote the brand accomplish nothing. In this article we offer some commonly overlooked tactics that can help you become a good listener and improve your marketing strategy in social media.

1. Listen to people talking about things beyond your product, and create content according to this knowledge

There is no doubt regarding the necessity of collecting people’s feedback on the products or services you supply, but if that’s all you listen to, you barely scratch the surface of the value which can be gained from data on social media.

Your marketing team should always be paying close attention to what people say and share: what sites they liked, what videos they watched, what topics they discussed. Admittedly, this requires a lot of effort, but the results will be worth it, since the next time you publish something on your page, instead of simply creating or curating content based on intuition, you will be able to add specific tags relating to what you discovered earlier and see significant improvements.

2. Develop a deep understanding of your community and focus on more networked followers

On social media, any community is formed by direct connections/followers and audiences of their own. As a marketer, you need to understand the particularities of your community and concentrate on marketing to individuals who have access to larger audiences.

Current tools which are available for free, such as ‘twiangualate’, can help you locate people within your community who are more networked and active than others. What remains is being more personal in communicating with them.

3. Make social media data work in more ways

Data collected on social networks (mentioned in the first paragraph), can be used in a number of other, beneficial ways. Consider the following idea: once you know that your audience likes certain websites, why not share this information with media buyers? Similarly, information on popular videos can be shared with PPC teams, and data on active networkers – with PR teams. This type of approach creates a number of new opportunities for growing revenues.

Written by Lisa Urchyk
Editor at Epom
Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
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Happy Easter from Epom!

Easter is getting closer, and Epom team would like to congratulate our clients and partners on this special holiday and send our best wishes of happiness and business success to all of them.

Easter is always a great time to celebrate new beginnings. At Epom we are delighted to wish all of our customers Happy Easter and present the special present from us: the newly-added mobile targeting option.

blog Happy Easter from Epom!

In particular, we have added a new advantageous feature – targeting by the mobile OS version (Android & iOS), which can definitely improve the profitability of mobile ad campaigns. The fresh function allows advertisers to increase their mobile target audience reach and engagement easier via showing more tailored ads to customers, who use different versions of operating systems on their smartphones or tablets.

According to Mr. Ruin, CEO of Epom, the new, mobile OS version targeting option can be applied separately or mixed with any other targeting criteria for maximum results.

“We have started 2014 with great expectations and are continuously realizing our plans, regarding the development of our solutions. In fact, we are planning to announce many beneficial updates for our clients in the nearest future. Happy Easter!”

If you have any inquiries or questions, concerning Epom ad server and its functionality, please, feel free to contact our top-quality support managers at support@epom.com

Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom
Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
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Customer Lifetime Value & Issues behind the Concept

If your company’s goal is to build long-lasting customer relationships, strengthening brand loyalty, increasing retention rates, etc., you must be aware of the concept of customer lifetime value, or CLV. However, in case you still have the feeling that there are more questions than answers when it comes to CLV – rejoice! You are not alone.

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Putting the Main Stress in an Online Strategy

Each time you are strategically planning a new marketing campaign, you should ask yourself what goals you prefer to focus on. In digital marketing, this is most often a choice between website traffic and actual conversions.

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New Methods for Increasing Conversions

Marketing technologies that are applicable for websites are developing and changing as everything else in digital does. Check out five innovative methods for driving urgency among consumers and boosting conversions, and see if you are not missing out!

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The Growth Of Automation Software In Marketing

The current state of digital marketing promises a growing interest in marketing automation software. This interest is mostly driven by marketers’ need to learn as much about their customers’ preferences as possible before the start of their advertising campaigns.

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Epom Launches Referral Programs

We are happy to inform our customers about the recent launch of featured referral programs for clients of Epom ad server and Epom Market.

According to the official announcement, Epom clients can now take part in two company’s featured referral programs, all aimed at providing them with rather effortless additional earnings, that is, via inviting new customers.

free 300x193 Epom Launches Referral Programs

In this respect, participation in Epom Ad Server Referral Program presupposes sharing a particular, so-called referral link and inviting new clients to try out Epom ad serving products. The algorithm, used for counting earnings is as follows: you make 40% of the referral’s revenue in the 1st billable month, and 5% of referrals’ monthly revenue as Epom Ad Servers customers.

As for Epom Market Referral Program, the participants are required to invite Publishers to join the ad network in the same way, via sharing unique referral links.  The algorithm, according to which Epom Market counts your earnings in the Referral Program, is also clear: you get 5% of each referral’s monthly revenue as an Epom Market Publisher, in case the network’s ads remain active at the Publisher’s website for 30 days minimum.

You can find Epom Referral Links, described above in your account in the Referral Program Tab. If you wish to find out more about Terms of Use in Epom Referral Programs, please, peruse Epom Ad Server Referral Program and Epom Market Referral Program sections.


Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom

Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
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Real-Time Marketing: How Brands See It Today

One of the hottest trends that has created much buzz in digital last year is real-time marketing. Most brands and agencies have already adopted it, but some are still unsure about whether they should dive in. If you belong to the latter, this might only be so because your perception of what constitutes “real-time” is constrained to very narrow bounds. Hopefully, the information below will provide insight and give you some guidance in this new marketing field.

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Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014: Insights from Epom Team

Undoubtedly, the recent Ad:tech event in San Francisco was thrilling to take part in.  Naturally, Epom team representatives have brought back a great deal of impressions and interesting insights on the latest conference.

San Francisco has been hosting annual Ad:tech events for long now, and yet each conference happens to be unique in its essence and impresses everyone with the number of reputable participants, inspiring speeches and surprising discussions on how the international ad-tech industry is likely to develop in future.

katya Ad:tech San Francisco, 2014: Insights from Epom Team

This year’s event has gathered more than eight thousand companies, media and experts all in one place to share and exchange their outlooks and present their products. The exhibition area flooded with reporters and companies’ representatives, seeking for new partners or just browsing what their rivals had to offer.

The most memorable impressions, as Serg Kopitkowski, Epom Senior Sales manager, claims, were the fruitful negotiations with potential clients and insightful discussions with the company’s loyal customers. “We had an opportunity to determine the most beneficial ways to cooperate and maximize acquired results”, he says.

“Of course, it has been a real pleasure for us to share the latest news and modifications, implemented in major Epom products, with our partners.”, Mr. Lebowski, Epom Business Development manager claims. “It would take too much time to describe an entire list of the conference outcomes, but I can assure that we have a lot of exciting news to share”, he smiled.


Would you like to find out all about the newest updates in Epom solutions? Feel free to contact our dedicated support managers at support@epom.com for more details and spare a few minutes to check out what benefits Epom Ad Server for Networks offers you now.


Written by Iryna Len
Chief Communications Officer at Epom

Epom – global provider of ad serving solutions
Visit us at http://epom.com/
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