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Epom at MWC 2015 — the edge of mobile innovation

March 12, 2015

The Epom team has returned from the Mobile World Congress, a spectacular annual event which took place in Barcelona.

cover Mwc 1708 x 960 1024x575 300x169 Epom at MWC 2015 — the edge of mobile innovationMobile World Congress is the largest and most influential mobile event, attracting industry leaders from all over the world. The 2015 congress gathered over 85,000 attendees. More than 1,800 exhibitors displayed their products and solutions across 98,000 square metres of exhibition and business meeting space.

Mobile advertising solutions play a major role in the Epom feature line up, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit MWC this year. According to Igor Korobka, the Senior Sales Manager at Epom Market, MWC 2015 was a spectacular, large-scale event which gathered prominent industry leaders. “It’s the perfect place to exchange opinions, discuss recent trends, grow connections, and think about further development of the industry.”

As for future plans regarding mobile at Epom, Igor сomments, “We are planning to develop and improve our mobile solutions further. With improvements in mobile RTB and mobile video advertising our clients will always be up to par with the growing mobile advertising market”.

Dominate With Contextual Advertising Networks By Using Epom Ad Server

February 20, 2015

There is no doubt that contextual advertising networks, e.g. Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network are somewhat like backbones for publishers. There were many other ad servers before, but they had lost part of their popularity with publishers and bloggers with the advent of contextual networks.
Much of this shift was due to the simplicity of use provided by these networks, as all you really needed to do was slapping an ad code on the website. Yet, there’s a hidden threat: this way of customer-network interaction grants networks full access to customer’s inventory.  But you’ll learn how to dominate with contextual ad networks when you read the below tips.

Advantages of using third party ad servers

February 20, 2015

It becomes more and more common for ad serving community members to resort to third party ad servers in order to facilitate life for themselves and their customers. However, rather big part of ad serving community still refuse to use third party adservers, because of lack of knowledge about them.

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Happy Holidays from Epom Ad Server!

December 25, 2014

As the year is coming to its end, the Epom Ad Server team would like to send our greetings and best wishes to our clients and partners.

This has been an amazing year and we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your trust and loyalty to our company.

We highly value our business partnership and are looking forward to a prosperous 2015!

Happy Holidays!

NY epom FB2 Happy Holidays from Epom Ad Server!

Epom Ad Server Introduces New Features for Clients

December 23, 2014

Aiming to simplify our clients’ daily routine work and enable them to track ad performance accurately, the Epom Ad Server team has prepared a set of functional upgrades in the platform.

Upgrades in Analytics Reports

The new, customizable “Report Layout Settings” option allows the use of extra layout settings in the Analytics Reports (Base, Publisher, and Advertiser Analytics) and configuration of particular metric/value displays in each type of report. It is also possible to save frequently used report layout settings for further usage.

epom blogpic 5 Epom Ad Server Introduces New Features for Clients Activating the “Group by – Action” Filter in their Analytics tab, will allow Epom Ad Server clients to view either the general Action Analytics reports (the total number of conversions), or specified “Breakdown by Custom Parameter” reports, which include the Parameter Names and Values.

Extended functionality in Advertiser API

Epom Ad Server clients who use the Advertiser API can now apply several new features along with the previously added ones. Specifically, they can now upload local files directly to the ad serving platform and work with non-standard banners in their ad campaigns.

Updated Piggyback Tracking

The improved Piggyback Tracking feature at Epom Ad Server allows using either the Invocation Codes or the Tracking URLs to track custom parameters and automatically send reported data to proprietary or 3rd-party ad serving platforms.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the new features available in Epom Ad Server, please contact our support managers directly at support@epom.com.

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