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How to Get Published on Epom Blog

Epom blog is not just a blog. It's a virtual library for all who want to study ad tech and programmatic quickly and hassle-free. We keep our standards high and try to make the best evergreen content in our niche.

Thus, we're looking for 5-star contributors with deep expertise in ad tech to write one-of-a-kind posts about what matters to our audience. There are some guidelines on how you can become one:


The Topics we Accept:

The Topics we DON'T Accept

Exception: We might accept these if your idea has some relation to ad tech or offers a unique perspective on the issue. Example: “That's When Programmatic Has a Potential to Beat Your Facebook Ad Campaigns”

Key Requirements for Your Guest Post

Once Your Blog Post Got Published


  • Share it on our company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest;
  • Feature it in our future Quora answers, where relevant;
  • Include it in our weekly newsletter;
  • Repurpose it on Growthhackers, Medium, and other similar resources;
Revision time: It takes around 10-14 days for us to review and accept/decline your idea. In any case, you’ll get an email from us with our decision.


  • Share the link on your own social networks;
  • Share the link on the social networks of your company;


  • Repost it on your own blog, Medium, or other places without adding our link and Link: REL: CANONICAL attribute to the post. Note that Medium supports this feature while many other sources do not.

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