Great news! Epom received a nice money infusion. The sum is  $1.2 million and was given by private investors. Anton Ruin, CEO at Epom, Ukraine commented this event: ” I think, the investment is so to say our first step sidewards the building up Epom company and expanding it worldwide. We have ambitious plans regarding the expansion and we promise to continue to develop cutting-edge services and solutions like we did before, however in rampant tempo. We are coming to  new era in Epom history, and this era is starting right now”.

gloves Epom Raises $1,2 Million from Private InvestorsThe main occasion after the investment is the opening of the new branch and office in Kiev, Ukraine with main focus on development. Here the best programmers, project managers and QA are gathered under one roof in order to develop unique ad serving technologies and products for all kind of platforms: mobile, video and display.

“We were preparing the plan more than a year and now it become real due to our customers and users that have been supporting us all the time. We expect a lot for the future of our new branch in Kiev, but we are, definitely, not going to stop on it. In our plans is opening new branches in UK or probably U.S. ” claims Mr. Ruin.


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