When consumer watches ad, size doesn’t matter as much as length, says recent research by YuMe and IPG Video Labs. The survey looked at viewing ads by tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Senior director of the company that conducted study, Travis Hockersmith, said that he didn’t expect such results: screens performed comparably to each other, but the loading of ad was the main thing.

This research faced the fact that advertiser should think twice before extending the video’s length beyond 15 seconds.

images10 Think Twice, Advertiser: How to Choose the Length of an Online Ad (Survey)

“Typically a good 15 will outperform a good 30,” said Hockersmith. “On TV, you would want to run a 30 if you’re paying the same price as you are for a 15. Online you could make an argument that 15 should carry a higher price tag than a 30 because you simply get a higher completion rate and more attentive audience.”

High level attention thing should be the priority for advertisers’ approach. Video ad needs to be short and to the point and there doesn’t need to be too much of it.

“While you can get people at a fairly high attention level, you can only get them at a fairly high attention level for a very short period of time,” Hockersmith said.

Right now digital ads can be more profitable for advertiser: in contrast to the TV, consumer must watch the ad to get to the content. But even the most agreeable viewer will not sit through a thousand of ads to catch what he wants to see. Think twice, advertiser!


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