Epom Ad Server for Affiliate Networks

Make the most of your affiliate business

Epom Ad Server now includes a brand new functionality designed exclusively for affiliate networks that serves as a tool for getting an access to high-paying offers all at one place, while enabling traffic tracking and granular real-time feedback on performance of your affiliates.

Built-In Direct Offers

Accessing Epom Ad Server for Affiliate Networks will instantly extend the pool of ad serving offers available to your affiliate publishers with the ones supplied directly by Epom, although, you will always have full control on which offers to provide to your affiliates.

Offers from 10+ Integrated Networks

Your Affiliate Network will never run dry with a dozen of integrated third-party networks: Yeahmobi, Mobvista, YouAppi, IronSource, StartApp, Cheetah, Motive Interactive, AppLift, Taptica, Zucks, and more to come.

Best-In-Class Fraud Protection

Click Fraud is the highest threat for PPC campaigns as it can deplete any advertising budget in no time. To guard your network, Epom runs both Media Trust and Forensiq fraud protection systems in order to save you from fraudulent conversions.

Competitive Pricing

Affiliate Network pricing is based on the amount of clicks generated by all the affiliates at a rate of $ 250/1M clicks. Therefore, the costs are gradually scaled as your affilaite network grows.

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