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Epom Ad Server: a Worthy Alternative of OpenX

Feb 18, 20199 min read
Nina Bohush
Nina Bohush, Marketing expert at Epom

Why the OpenX Ad Server is Shutting Down

The digital advertising industry will face a significant shift in 2019. This year has started with OpenX announcing it will shutdown their publisher Ad Server in March. OpenX has decided to put their whole workforce into developing video and programmatic solutions. Publishers, who have used OpenX ad server, are now seeking efficient alternatives to manage & monetize their ad inventory.

OpenX ad server was a platform where publishers could sell, manage and monetize their inventory across multiple channels. There are multiple ad servers available that claim to do the same. Despite the sufficient number of alternatives, many of them lack customization and transparency.

If you are a publisher or ad network, who wants to fill in the void that OpenX left you with, then look no more because Epom Ad Server is the first alternative to consider. With the Epom Ad Server, you get total control over your online advertising activity: manage your inventory across multiple channels, set up roles & permissions, and analyze the campaigns' performance with no delays.

We know how difficult choosing a trusted ad server can be, so this article is aimed at explaining how exactly Epom Ad Server can help your company grow and which features can be of best use to you as a publisher or ad network.

Key Features of Epom Ad Server for Publishers & Ad Networks

The Epom ad server team is putting all their efforts into bringing better ad serving features, better action tracking, and sophisticated optimization algorithms - basically everything that can increase the performance of online advertising. Here is a small batch of features that our publishers & ad networks value most.

Cross-channel Ad Serving

Reach the target audience on the devices they are using: desktop, mobile web and tablets, via high-convertible ad formats eg. video, native ads, and rich media.

Optimize your daily campaign setup routine with mass uploads, campaign export/import to manage your campaigns with ease. Setup your own rules to connect dozens of ad creatives or campaigns to appropriate placements with just a few clicks.

Automatic optimization

A proprietary campaign optimization algorithm ensures that banners and campaigns with higher performance are displayed more often. This technology optimizes CTR, I2C & eCPM and contributes to a significantly higher ROI.

Real-time Analytics

Optimize your advertising outcome with real-time feedback on how well your ad campaigns are performing. It's exceptionally easy to see which campaigns and banners have the best CTR or conversion rates, which regions are more responsive to your advertising, and how budgets are being spent.

Epom RTB Technology

Epom RTB technology provide outstanding opportunities for buying and selling traffic across multiple screens & ad formats. You can build your own complete programmatic ecosystem, implement RTB advertising and improve your monetization.

White Labeling Option

The Epom Ad Server provides an opportunity to build your own fully branded ad serving solution with the white labeling feature. You can add your branding to every part of the Ad Server, like your company logo, name, domain, customize all texts inside the platform and change the UI to reflect your corporate identity. You can advertise your own ad serving solution to your clients utilizing all the powerful features of the Epom Ad Server, and save thousands of dollars on developing your own ad server.

Built-in Traffic Security Tools

The Epom Ad Server provides the double-checking of all ads with The Media Trust and Forensiq services which filter fraudulent clicks that are caused by scripts imitating legitimate user actions.

Our traffic protection mechanism is based on the combination of the following parameters:

  • IP address
  • Cookies
  • Click time
  • Geolocation
  • OS
  • Browser name and version

Based on these values, the complex algorithms detect suspicious actions and mark the corresponding clicks as possible fraud in the Analytics reports. The Epom Ad Server has even more aces up its sleeve and other features to explore. However, let's find out the difference between OpenX and its most complete alternative, Epom Ad Server.

Epom Ad Server vs OpenX: Features Comparison

The Epom Ad server helps publishers to easily launch and manage large, complex, and deeply targeted advertising campaigns on mobile, and also displays them all in one account. See the major differences between Epom Ad Serving solution and OpenX:

Ad Server Comparison: OpenX & Epom Ad Server

You can find a full comparison here

How to Move from OpenX to Epom Ad Server?

Ad server migration can be a real pain...unless you use Epom Ad Server. From the moment you register at Epom Ad Server, you will be supported through the whole process by a personal manager who will aid you in setting up your campaigns and generally assist you with your ad operations.

Epom Ad Server is powering hundreds of networks, publishers and agencies who utilize our technology to serve billions of ad impressions every day.

Want to enhance your programmatic media buying with Epom Ad Server? Drop us a line and we'll be glad to help.

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