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Epom Ad Server assigns a personal support manager to every customer to ensure competent assistance in every aspect of your ad operations. Contact your personal manager when setting up the platform, transferring campaigns from other servers, optimizing performance, or to request the development of custom features. Additionally, all clients can reach our support engineers via email or this contact form to get answers for their technical question. Customers can also use our Support Center and upgrade their account to premium for additional support benefits.

Support Center

Visit our Support Center for a detailed description of the functionality available at Epom Ad Server. We aim to provide our clients with everything they need to streamline their ad operations. This includes informative and easy-to-follow guidelines for publishers, advertisers, and ad networks. Epom Support Center covers platform features, dashboard settings, and all available services and functionality.

Premium Account

Upgrade to premium and get additional support options. While our support engineers always respond to all client inquiries within one business day, we process calls from our premium clients within three hours. Contact your personal manager for more information about our premium features.

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