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White Label DSP for Programmatic Advertising

Get fully-customized White Label DSP for agencies, ad networks, and brands. Stop paying to middlemen and take full control over your programmatic advertising.
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Shift to programmatic media buying

Enhance your advertising business with you own DSP and uncover all the benefits of programmatic. Seamless integration, simple setup, and ongoing automated optimization — online advertising has never been so cost-effective and easy.

united media buying in one dsp

All media buying activities united

With Epom White Label DSP Solution, you can buy traffic from a single account. Advertising with your own DSP guarantees that you find, target and buy only unique users and eliminate the risk of competing with yourself, thus, paying a fair price for every impression.

ready-to-go dsp technology

Ready-to-use technology

Save your time and money — use our ready-to-go technology for building a profitable RTB ad network. Create your own Demand-Side Platform in a day, customize it from top to bottom, and create self-serve accounts for your demand partners to buy traffic programmatically.

Transparency and traffic safety

Full transparency & traffic safety

Take the full control over your programmatic media buying: control all traffic sources, see daily reports and make mindful decisions based on instant analytics. Benefit from the third-party traffic security services: GeoEdge for traffic protection and Impact for malware prevention.

Build your own demand-side platform, set up programmatic ad campaigns and manage ad activities with precise targeting tools and real-time analytics

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