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Choose an Ad Server Like a Pro: An Ultimate Foolproof Guide

If you’re seeing this page, it means you need some friendly advice on choosing the right ad server. Here you can get guidelines from the true expert in the field.

In a value-packed guide, our sales executive Sergiy Shchelkov shares twelve of the most common pitfalls on the way to your perfect ad server and gives strategies to avert them.

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With this guide you’ll avoid:

  • Tricky Pricing. Don't be fooled by teeny-tiny "from(s)" & hidden fees.
  • Unresponsive Support. See all red flags that indicate the customer service won't really serve you.
  • Rigid Liabilities. Beware of companies offering you a contract with no flexibility for 1+ years.
  • Wrong RTB Module. Make sure an ad server supports RTB from your side.
  • Limited Roles and Permissions. Know if the platform can serve your network hierarchy beforehand.
  • Sketchy Extras. Discern the so-called “all-inclusive” plans from what they actually mean.
  • And more!
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