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  • The success of any digital advertising campaign, business, or network depends on the safety of the served advertising. The integration of The Media Trust's Media Scanner for Malware Prevention into the EPom Ad Server platform ensures that publishers, advertisers, and networks working with our solution will be able to work with safer and better ads.

  • Simplify integration with Index Exchange (former Casale Media) via the Epom Ad Server RTB platform. Simply select Index Exchange from the list of available DSPs and begin to advertise with one of the largest ad networks in the world.

  • Expand your advertising opportunities by easily integrating with Google DoubleClick and enabling your clients to gain access to the largest pool of publishers and advertisers.

  • Targeting is one of the most important elements of online advertising, and thanks to Epom Ad Server's partnership with IP2Location all our clients have access to stable and precise geographic targeting for their advertising campaigns.

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