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Get more out of Epom Ad Server with our Premium Tier

Epom Ad Server would like to introduce its clients to a new, better way to work with our ad serving solution. Upgrade your account and become one of our Premium clients to receive the benefits of more detailed real-time analytics, increased brand awareness with the help of white labeling, and 24/7 live support.

White Labeling

Increase brand awareness and boost your reputation with the help of white labeling. Customize every element of the Epom Ad Server user interface. From your ad serving domain to the email notifications your clients will receive — our White Labeling option will enable you to use every element of Epom Ad Server to build the reputation of a reliable and growing brand.

Advanced Analytics

Our improved analytics engine will allow you to see an even more precise, real-time reflection of your advertising efforts. Every impression, every click, and every conversion will be reflected in our new, approximation-free analytics engine. Track the effectiveness of campaigns with even more filter options — device type, device OS, screen size, browser, and mobile carrier.

24/7 Live Support

All Premium clients will be able to request assistance at any time of the day and receive an answer within 15 minutes. Our live support team will be available 24/7 via email to ensure that all questions and technical issues are resolved in as short a time as possible.

The Premium Tier will be available for all new and existing Epom Ad Server clients for a monthly fee of $1000. Please contact your personal sales manager for more information about the subscription-based Premium Account.

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