Epom Ad Server Team

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Our Management Team

Our management team is an essential part of Epom Ad Server. They analyze the market, set goals and objectives regarding our product's development, and implement the strategies that have made Epom Ad Server what it is today.

  • Anton Ruin


  • Andrew Lebowski


  • Alexandr Bolbat


  • Sergey Shchelkov

    Senior Sales Manager


    The primary goal of our sales team is to have all the answers before the questions are even asked. We focus on understanding the needs of our clients and being able to provide them with what they need, when they need it. Every member of our tightly-knit team works towards a single goal, and this gives us the opportunity to meet the rapidly growing demands and needs of our clients.

  • Anna Pozniak



    To me, Epom isn't just an ad serving solution. It is, first and foremost, a brand. It's a brand that strives to be ahead of the curve in terms of functionality, thought leadership, and understanding the online advertising ecosystem. Our marketing team goes beyond what is expected from us to gain new knowledge and insights about the industry and share this knowledge with our developer team and our clients.

  • Yulia Mikhailyuk

    Head of Design


    Epom Ad Server is built around the idea that our clients should be able to minimize the amount of time they spend on adjusting and setting up their advertising. It's also built around the idea that the solution should be as useful to a single publisher as it is to a large advertising network. This is what we try to reflect in every aspect of our design - simplicity, finesse, and function.

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