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+1 to Notable Epom Partners: Proudly Welcome Our Partnership with Wargaming

Apr 22, 20213 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert
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A fast fact: Epom ad server was born in 2010. Just the same year World of Tanks, an iconic MMO game from Wargaming company, was. The two brands were growing and evolving for ten years on their own, and then, they suddenly met. That's how the productive friendship started, and now is the time to tell the “why” behind it!

By 2020, World of Tanks enlisted 120M players with about half of a million of them playing daily. That's a tremendous number primarily gained due to the game's impressive quality and uniqueness on the gaming market. Unlike the rest of typical MMO games, it's photorealistic, cinematic-looking, and based on real history, as reported by Wargaming's CEO Victor Kislyi.

Today, the company produces other titles such as World of Warships, World of Warplanes, and Master of Orion, although still making the larger share of their revenue from World of Tanks. And although having a lot of exposure from word-of-mouth marketing, Wargaming carries out an extensive advertising strategy to widen their reach even more.

How Epom Helps Wargaming to Bring Ad Serving In-House

Wargaming absolutely reached the point when a big brand starts considering bringing advertising in-house. As you might probably know, the core of developing an in-house strategy is the choice of the right technology. Advanced ad servers step up the game in managing cross-channel ad delivery campaigns and bring unlimited customization opportunities, which was one of the needs of Wargaming.

Epom ad server is the oldest and the best-known product of our company, which we proud of the most. Since 2010, our platform has become an industry standard of ad serving software, offering 800+ features for laser-like precision and uncompromising efficiency of advertising activities. Clients appreciate: most of them stay with us for 4.5 years and longer!

A few months ago, Epom and Wargaming joined a mutually beneficial partnership, in which we help the gaming giant to empower their advertising even more. Epom ad server has already helped the brand to re-arrange their ad delivery and manage supply partners in the right way, according to the company's representatives.

“Epom ad server was created right to the needs of large gaming companies like Wargaming. Our strongest suit is customization, which allows our clients to fine-tune the platform with previously unseen precision. More pros are a wide variety of rich media formats and outstream video formats, and the possibility of custom media development for the chosen clients.”

Anton Ruin
CEO of Epom

Key Benefits of Epom Products for Gaming Brands

Free-to-play game developers like Wargaming often rely on advertising to increase audience reach. And while the small providers may settle for an ad agency, established brands want to gain more control over where and how their ads are placed.

Epom ad server and Epom white-label DSP are great helpers in that. Notably, gaming brands may cut the fees usually paid to a provider as a margin and get access to all advertising data coming from the publishers. Also, both products allow them to pick publishers or supply-side platforms independently and work only with trusted traffic sources.

If you as a gaming brand work websites and apps directly, your choice might be our ad server solution — it's perfect to organize your partners and manage direct media buying campaigns related to them.

Key features Epom ad server offers for the gaming brands:

  • Custom targeting. This means advertisers can take any audience attribute and target users by it without limiting you to only 50+ pre-set options. This is all possible after requesting specific audience data from your publishers.
  • Variety of ad formats. We include more than 40+ standard ad formats in our enterprise plan. Moreover, brands can come up with new, unique ad formats to catch the eye of the audience now suffering from banner blindness.
  • Feature customization. Aside from having an extensive admin panel with custom roles and permissions, Epom is ready to develop exclusive functionality for our clients on top of what we already have.
  • Aggregated reports and analytics. Epom provides users with prompt insights into their campaign performance, letting them know which publishers bring the best audience.
  • White-labeling. Large gaming companies may benefit from purchasing a platform and re-branding it as their own solution for in-house advertising.

Gaming brands frequently serve pretty vast volumes of impressions and might want to expand reach far beyond their own direct publishers. It's all possible with a white-label DSP, where advertisers buy impressions via automated RTB auction and connect custom SSPs instead of websites directly. Each SSP has its own links to publishers, therefore providing a chance for better exposure.

Key features Epom white-label DSP offers for the gaming brands:

  • Control over traffic sources. Even though advertisers bid for the audience you need, and not for the exact website placement, they still have a choice which SSPs to connect. This feature is not present in a regular, self-serve DSP.
  • Advanced auto-optimization. With patented bidding rules and multipliers, user's ad campaigns never underperform, if applied correctly. Advertisers set their own optimization algorithm according to their campaign objectives.
  • Access to bidstream data. Just like in an ad server, the user can request data transmission from the SSP (and the publisher consequently) and use this data to their advantage.
  • Fair pricing. Epom doesn't charge any setup fee and takes only 5% of the advertiser's spend max. Industry's averages reach 10-15% meanwhile.

Wargaming gets an honorable place on our client list, but not the sole. Curious who else we're partnered with? Well, Epom ad server became a choice of Classtag, IronSource, YuppTV, Univadis, and BBB. A more complete list of the company's partners is available here.

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