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Meet the new capabilities of your Epom White-Label DSP [The 3.6 release is out]

Jul 16, 20196 min read
Nina Bohush
Nina Bohush, Marketing expert at Epom
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The Epom White-Label DSP has undergone its 3.6 release and we're ready to introduce the recently added updates. Read on to discover the significant improvements developed to enhance the potential of your demand-side platform.

In the middle of July, the desire to trade in the tedious office work for a relaxing day by the pool reaches an all-time high. However, our team tries to keep a stiff upper lip! And this is why the newest platform release is already here.

Let us introduce the list of new outstanding features that were included in the 3.6 release. All of these features are already available on every live DSP account.

“When building their own DSPs with Epom, our customers no longer need to pay for additional services like ad serving, tracking platforms or traffic scanners. The DSP already has them all! Our latest release proves that advertising with a white-label DSP is the best possible solution for those who want to make digital media buying centralized, affordable and effective”

Product Manager at Epom


Storage of video files

From now on, you may download all your video ads right into the creative library of your DSP. You don't have to pay for ad serving anymore — we'll store all your videos for free as long as you need. Make your MP4, MOV, AVI, or any other video files available from any device which is connected to your DSP account.

Video file storage in the creative library

Use when...
setting up your next video ad campaign.

One-click copying

It's a quite simple feature that will save tons of your time. Copy creatives from one campaign and add them to another with a single click. Newly added ad units will lose the adjustments of the previous ad campaign and play by the rules of the new one. Creatives keep their custom settings after being added to the new campaign if these settings were applied towards this ad unit specifically.

Ad campaign at the Epom DSP

Use when...
duplicating creatives and moving them from one campaign to another.


New report filters

With the release of 3.6, the live analytics now have new filters, including the device model, device hardware version, and OS of device. Create more in-depth reports and drive immediate business decisions without any losses in your budgets.

Real-time analytics on the Epom DSP

Use when...
Generating your next performance report within your DSP live analytics.


Updated OS & Browser targeting

The release also brought tangible updates to ad campaign targeting. Now your campaigns can be more accurate by targeting specific OS versions and browsers in the settings.

Ad campaign targeting at Epom DSP

Use when...
Choosing the targeting for your next campaigns or optimizing the live ones.

A free CRM inside your DSP

If you run white-label DSP, this feature will help your team stay informed on the activities of DSP users. Account managers may leave comments about media buyers inside their accounts in order to not forget about important requests or updates. Now your DSP may store any of that information in comments.

User comments in the Epom DSP account

Use when...
You need to summarize important updates on the user's activities and pass them to your colleagues.

More custom white-label features


Once you set the maximum CPM for a specific campaign, the platform guarantees that under no circumstances you spend more than that. Add your preferred CPMs per campaign right here:

How to set maximum CPM at Epom white-label DSP account

Demand overview page

Now your DSP account has a page that features the traffic requests coming from all your demand partners. For your convenience, the demand is grouped by regions, devices, OS, etc. Now you have a clear understanding of what inventory your users primarily want to buy.

Upgraded retargeting interface

The pixel for gathering your audiences is now brought to the front and center of your account. Add it to the targeted pages of your site, collect and segment visitors, and set up retargeting ad campaigns to bring those who have left without a purchase back to the site.

Upgraded retargeting feature on Epom DSP

Device orientation targeting

Do vertical videos perform better than horizontal? Set a higher bid for the video orientation of your choice! Now you may separate bids given for different types of video ads.

Device orientation targeting on Epom DSP

Custom email addresses

Add a custom email domain to your DSP to make your registration, confirmation and other emails that you send to advertisers look more trustworthy. Our white-label DSP technology becomes yours fully right after onboarding, remember? So don't wait and go straight to designing your DSP, self-serve accounts, and emails with your company's name, logo, and identity.

Want to know more about white-label DSP and how it works? Download our free DSP guide Demand-Side Platforms from A to Z or sign up for a demo call with our team.

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