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Native advertising with Epom Ad Server

Execute your native ad strategy with the top-performing native ad formats which perfectly blend into the look and feel of the website
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Simple integration

Run native advertising across multiple campaigns within minutes: create different ad creatives within one account and copy-paste them to the campaigns you need

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Native template adapter

Attune multiple creatives to the look & style of the website: just set up custom parameters and EVERY other banner will adjust to your website automatically

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JSON codes

Epom Ad Server delivers ad contents directly into a publisher's system in JSON format, so you don't need to paste the HTML/JavaScript ad tag into your website

Native ads adapt to the publisher's website and look truly organic:

  • serve different websites with a single adaptable banner via your Ad Server account
  • get 4X higher CTR with highly engaging native advertising formats
  • setup & launch native ad campaigns within one ad serving account
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