🇺🇦 Epom stands for Ukraine and for global peace. Support Ukraine today and guarantee a peaceful tomorrow.

Performance tracking

Get actionable real-time data at every stage of your campaign, create custom reports, and improve your ROI. Monitor your ad campaign performance and measure its results in real-time

Real-time analytics

Monitor and analyze your ad campaign performance in real time, make the adjustments promptly and reinvest your marketing budget into the top-performing ad campaigns

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Precise ad targeting

Use geographical, language, device, platform, demographics, behavioral, and 20 more ad targeting options to ensure your ads are delivered to the right audience and at the right time

precise ad targeting epom Targeting Options Epom DSP

Granular reporting

Break down your reports by multiple details: time, campaign type, targeting settings, ad format to understand the channels, campaigns, and ads that influence your conversions

Analytics Epom demand-side platform

Scheduled reports

Generate custom analytical reports on a recurring schedule (e.g daily, weekly, or monthly), download them or set up report delivery right to your email address when you need them

Dashboard Epom DSP

Analyze the performance of every advertising channel, get unprecedented data accuracy and build smarter strategy with Epom Ad Server Start a free trial

How to 2022: Seven Advertising Industry Insights
Digital Advertising Programmatic

How to 2022: Seven Advertising Industry Insights

Epom interviewed some major digital agencies about 2022. Performance, 3rd-party cookies, and programmatic among the highlights.

Epom Stands With Ukraine, and So Can You
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Epom Stands With Ukraine, and So Can You

Epom, as the company with Ukrainian roots, stands with Ukraine. We gathered the list of ways to stop the war accessible to everyone.