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Ad Summit Kyiv 2019 Recap: The key takeaways & slides that you can't miss

May 22, 201910 min read
Nina Bohush
Nina Bohush, Marketing expert at Epom

On May 16 Epom team hosted an annual mobile and video advertising conference Ad Summit Kyiv 2019. For the third time already, Ad Summit Kyiv created a perfect setting for thinking outside-the-box, networking, learning and incredible creativity to be discovered.

This year Ad Summit gathered such an AMAZING audience! We imagined it would be a great event, but with all of you, it turned out to be even better. Over 500 digital marketers, advertisers, media buyers, adtech vendors, publishers, app developers and business folks from over 23 countries took part in the conference. The brightest minds from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Viber, IndexExchange, MoPub, and more leading companies took the stage to share their knowledge with the community. Thanks to all of you, the energy at the venue was magnetic!

There is often a lesson to be learned. So we put together the main takeaways, insights, and slides from the #ADS2019 conference. Let these keynotes help you break through the clutter and maximize your revenue in the upcoming years!

Kaman Chan, EMEA Product Lead Mobile Web at Google

Telling Better Stories Across the Open Web

  • The speed that it takes to load the webpage makes the biggest impact on user experience.
  • As the page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds the probability of bounce increases by 32%.
  • As the page load time goes from 1 second to 10 seconds the probability of bounce increases by 123%.
  • A 1-second delay in mobile load times can impact conversion rates by as much as 20%. Ad Summit Kyiv Google keynotes from the conference
  • How does AMP improve user experience?
    • — Things that are slow are discouraged or banned;
    • — Content doesn't jump around as it's loading;
    • — Distracting ads are forbidden;
    • — Things aren't loaded until they're needed (lazy loading);
  • AMP components help build an app-like experience for your website (including e-commerce websites). Ad Summit Kyiv Google keynotes from the conference Ad Summit Kyiv Google keynotes from the conference

Jörg Vogelsang, Managing Director DACH - CEE at IndexExchange

Unlock the Possibilities of Programmatic Identity

  • Every exchange, every DSP and DMP has its own key. Each key is different on every device. We need to hack them altogether through user matching.
  • Header bidding is the trust fundament for programmatic. User identity is key for the success of programmatic for the future Ad Summit Kyiv IndexExchange keynotes from the conference

Orly Tsesis, Publisher Development Manager at Facebook

App Monetization Strategies That Drive Revenue

  • Game developers now prefer in-app ads. Facebook has over 7 million advertisers at this moment.
  • More than half of the developers today are taking a hybrid approach to monetization. Ad Summit Kyiv Facebook keynotes from the conference
  • With 82% of the market share, rewarded videos remain the most preferred ad format (banner ads - 65%, full-screen interstitial ads - 54%, playable ads - 39%)
  • Some of the best rewarded video integrations Ad Summit Kyiv Facebook keynotes from the conference Ad Summit Kyiv Facebook keynotes from the conference
  • Try to incorporate ads at an early stage of app development. Make it native to the app itself like it's a part of the game.
  • What's the optimal frequency capping for ads in apps? Ad Summit Kyiv Facebook keynotes from the conference

Konstantin Kostadinov, Sales Director CEE at Viber

Everything Begins With Chats: The Way Brands Today Are Using Messengers

  • Messaging apps are the new browser and over 20% bigger than social networks.
  • Businesses looking to differentiate themselves and stay competitive need to add messaging into the customer journey.
  • In 2018 users sent more than 72 trillion messages via chat apps (compared to 1.6 trillion searches on Google). Ad Summit Kyiv Viber keynotes from the conference
  • 4 out of 5 worldwide mobile users have downloaded at least one messaging app.
  • 53% of users say that they're more likely to buy from a company that they can contact via a chat app
  • The best result-driven ad formats according to Viber: Ad Summit Kyiv Viber keynotes from the conference

Andrew Liulko, Head of Sales at Epom

Media Buying with Bidstream Data: How Brands Reach the Next Level of Performance

  • In the era of programmatic, one of the most cost-effective sources to acquire user's data is Bidstream data.
  • The bidstream data comes from a publisher or an app. It includes basic facts about the ad unit (like the URL, device type, IP address, ad format, etc).
  • It also might have other nuggets of info that could entice buyers (like the location or audience demographic data). And there's so much more: platforms that specialize in users' fingerprints claim to analyze up to 50 attributes per user.
  • The bidstream data is your free alternative to DMPs or any third-party data.
  • How to put your bidstream data to work? Build your own DSP for programmatic media buying.
  • How to target users with bidstream data? Discover the perfect users who have the highest purchase/install intent. And then find and target those users (or similar ones) while they spend time on other mobile apps. Ad Summit Kyiv Epom Ad Server keynotes from the conference

Keenan Timko, Strategic Partnership Leads EMEA at MoPub

Full Stack, Rev Up: How to Maximize Mobile Gaming App Revenue

  • Programmatic spendings will account for 65% of US mobile app spendings in 2020. Although, 62% of all app revenue will be from in-app advertising by 2020.
  • The expected growth in 2019 for the usage of in-app advertising as a monetization model in gaming apps is 60%.
  • To make the most of programmatic, app developers go for total or full-stack monetization. Ad Summit Kyiv MoPub keynotes from the conference Why publishers should opt for app monetization with advanced bidding?
    • — Increases auction efficiency by moving from historical pricing to real-time pricing;
    • — Improves operational efficiency by simplifying the setup and access path for all parties.
    • — Reduces latency from cascading down the waterfall.
    • — Drives up yield by increasing competition per impression.
    • — Monetizes all impressions by shifting networks to buy based on CPM, not CPI.
    Ad Summit Kyiv MoPub keynotes from the conference

Sergii Bratusov, Industry Head at YouTube

How to Turn YouTube Views Into Business Growth

  • YouTube has 1.9 billion monthly logged in users. In fact, the majority of YouTube users are logged in to their accounts.
  • With such a number of users, you can define them via cookies on different devices (based on the behavior of these people).
  • An average user spends around 34 minutes on YouTube daily. For the younger generation, this number goes up to 60 minutes.
  • Whether you go to Google maps or a particular app, all those signals are connected. These signals define the users, their behavior and interests. All of these helps to target them.
  • Machine learning checks over 80 million signals per day. YouTube doesn't know why people convert; but they do know that the machine will find those who will convert at the end. Ad Summit Kyiv YouTube keynotes from the conference
  • TrueView ad format for Action: You target either CPA (let's say $ 150/conversion) or you set the daily budget to get maximum conversions disregarding the price for the conversion. In both cases, the machine will find your audience (based on Google search, Google maps, YouTube, apps, etc.)
  • Set up multiple ad campaigns with different goals (website visit, basket page visit or sale), see conversions and optimize your YouTube campaigns.
  • Give the machine time to learn your audience. Machines learn on reactions, so a two week learning period is needed for them. In one week you'll have a much lower CPA, because the machine understood who is going to buy. Ad Summit Kyiv YouTube keynotes from the conference
  • The best for TrueView for the Action ad format is Custom Intent targeting. Add it to your Google Search campaigns.
  • Combine the targeting: use the YouTube data and enhance it with your Google data (like Google keywords).

For us — and we hope that for you as well — Ad Summit Kyiv 2019 was a blast! We'd like to say thank you to everyone who participated. Without all of you, we wouldn't be able to pull off such a great event.

In this new advertising world, there is no such thing as a miracle shortcut to better revenue. Smaller steps are often more important than rapid turnover, agree? Let's continue our journey and we hope to see you next year!

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