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Epom WL DSP Season 5, Episode 2: Where UI Meets UX

July 22, 20225 min read
Kate Aleksandrova
Kate Aleksandrova, Content Writer at Epom
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If you are allergic to constantly displayed unnecessary fields, inconclusive analytics, and stiff UI, then we have an antidote – Epom white-label DSP 5.2.

This is an unprecedentedly large release that includes 160+ completed tasks. Most of them are related to fixes and tweaks in the different fields of the user interface. Metaphorically speaking: this white-label DSP version takes you from a solid 4-star hotel to “Four Seasons Maldives,” where everything you might need is already taken care of.

User-Experience Improvements

The user interface is the constant touchpoint between you and the platform. So, when it comes to updates and improvements, UI is given one of the main focuses. Even when you install a new phone update and wait those endless 5 minutes while all the apps re-adjust, you expect to see some visual changes. And this is a platform that your media buying health depends on, so we want to make it as appealing and intuitive as possible.

Thus, we removed the multilayered menu and made other helpful interface tweaks. Comparing the Epom WL DSP 5.2 interface and that of precisely one year earlier, you can see a significant difference in visual appeal and logic.

Email Sender Customization

Now you can customize the sender address to send notifications to your clients. Moreover, we added four email templates with customizable text: billing (to inform on sums credited to your account), feedback (any user can send their feedback through the “Contact us” form), account verification, and password reset.

Epom WL DSP email sender customization

SSP Endpoint Search Field Added

This time we added a supply-side platform endpoints search field. Now, you don’t have to scroll through dozens of endpoints and can find the one you want in a couple of clicks.

We also added a labeling option for easier grouping and campaign linking. This feature lets you link or unlink all endpoints with one label. It’s particularly relevant for users that have many custom supply connections.

SSP endpoint search field

Differentiation of Permissions Filters

Permissions allow us to control what part of the functionality is available to advertisers or other clients.

So, we added a possibility to regulate what filters are available to specific users. Moreover, if users don’t want/need to use all the filters, they can be hidden from the display not to distract them. The update was in response to reoccurring feedback from clients stating that too many filters are displayed when only a few are active. We always listen to you, so if you have a concern, don’t hesitate to…

Different permission filters available

Another update: when you disable specific permissions, an alert will appear to warn you that some campaigns will be paused as a result. This will help you avoid campaign conflicts.

User Activity Tracking

This update is a logical extension of the “permissions” category. We have improved our user activity tab so that now you can track when and who did what — a little like the “Clue” game.

Additionally, we have made alterations and deletions in this tab to make it more user-friendly.

Tracking different user activities in WL DSP

Native Creative Fields Added

We also added an option to switch native creative fields in this version. Previously they all were ON by default, plus many were obligatory. But you might not need them all at once. So now you can only turn ON the ones you want for a specific campaign/ad.

Different fields for native creatives

All User Analytics in One Window

First, we fixed the CPC-related metrics in admin analytics.

Second, we have improved the admin analytics overview. Now, you can see all your analytics on one screen, like the number of clicks, impressions, conversions, or anything else from all the users.

All user analytics in one window

This analytics party is not over! In Epom WL DSP, users could customize any action name. The problem was that custom names returned to default when users logged out. Not anymore. Now, the settings will be restored whenever the same user logs in.

Billing Updates

In our WL DSP 5.2, you can see your current balance after each transaction. Some of our clients asked for this update since it allows you to control your ad spending and overall finances.

Remaining balance overview

Debugging 5.2

This handy feature lets you understand why your campaigns are not performing. For example, why a particular creative is not bidding. From this version on, the platform will inform you about the possible reasons behind that. On top of that, we have also removed debugging of paused/inactive creatives.

Debugging in Epom white-label DSP 5.2

Minor Updates: Retargeting, Campaigns, and Filters Sections

Retargeting: improved overall performance, stabilized upload/deletion of Segments & IFA lists.

Campaigns: improved the search field.

Filters: added the ability to upload a list for bulk deletion.

Devil is in the details, and so is success. Upgrade or test Epom to deliver a better advertising experience to your clients and users.

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