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Demand-Side Platforms Explained: Your Ultimate Guide on How and Why to Advertise with DSPs

Jul 10, 2019  ·  2 min read
Nina Bohush
Nina Bohush, Marketing expert at Epom

At one time a game-changing technology, programmatic has already transformed into an essential part of the digital advertising ecosystem. Starting in the late 2000s, programmatic made its way from an unknown adtech to a top-grade channel to buy traffic online.

According to Zenith's marketing research, by the end of this year advertisers will spend $84 billion programmatically (compared to $70 billion in 2018). This number amounts to 65% of all global online ad spending. This year US advertisers alone are expected to spend nearly $60 billion (84%) on programmatic ads which will turn the US into the largest player on the programmatic market. “Everything is going to be programmatic,” — as most marketing experts like to say when forecasting the future of online ads.

But even though programmatic isn't new to the industry, there are still many questions floating around it. How to switch ad campaigns to programmatic? Where to buy traffic programmatically? How to access top-quality websites? Could highly automated media buying really drive better performance? Is programmatic safe? Is it cost-effective? These are only a few questions to mention.

When looking for answers, advertisers sooner or later get themselves to demand-side platforms. They start exploring DSPs and then even more questions spring up.

DSPs managed to change the whole way of online ads by making them more affordable, effective and data-driven. They became a true gateway to programmatic advertising.


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