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White Label DSP Release: Features for Programmatic Advertising

Jan 15, 20198 min read
Lina Lugova
Nina Bohush, Marketing expert at Epom

The Epom White Label DSP team is one of the few who didn't give up on their New Year resolutions. We start this year with a whole bunch of features that will make your media buying easy and efficient. The latest White Label DSP update allows you to develop an even stronger media buying strategy with our all-in-one platform. The WL DSP 3.0 release brought in significant changes in targeting options and usability to make your media buying process as easy as ever:

New Ad formats Added

Leverage your ad performance across mobile, desktop, and video advertising inventory. Meet these two amazing ad formats: native ads and push ads.

Native ads ensure a seamless and non-intrusive user experience which are widely appreciated by all online advertising players. Run and manage high-performing native advertising campaigns across multiple SSPs, websites and mobile apps all in one DSP account.

Get maximum exposure while maintaining an excellent user experience with this new ad type — push ads. Push ads are a new ad format that offers a highly-engaging experience to the target audience. It delivers ads to the user's mobile or desktop and performs well for almost any type of campaign if setup correctly.

Custom Fees / Markup Rate Settings

We know that all advertisers aren't the same, and you might need to establish a unique markup with each one of them. The "markup" is represented in the percentage that you add to your media spend and charge the advertiser. From now on, your agreed markup percentage can be changed for every single partner. You have an option to set up a custom markup percentage to the advertiser and determine its media spend. Here's how it works:

You spend $10 on buying targeted traffic, and then set up a markup of 20% for Advertiser 1 and 15% for Advertiser 2. So you will charge your advertisers the following:

Advertiser A: $10 + ($10 * 0,2) = $12.

Advertiser B: $10 + ($10 * 0,15) = $11,5

Custom markup settings in White Label DSP Account

No-bid Reason Tracer

This handy feature helps you determine the exact reason why an ad of the campaign doesn't bid on certain SSP traffic using API. The inability to bid on incoming requests can occur for a number of reasons, including low bid set, specific targeting, too many filters, wrong setup, suspected fraudulent activity like bot traffic or traffic coming from a low-quality source.

No-bid Reason Tracer gives you the ability to quickly understand why the campaign doesn't bid on incoming requests with exact reasons. This feature will help you adjust your media buying strategy.

OS Version Targeting

Improve your ad campaigns performance and cut down ad spending with the new OS version targeting feature. The ability to target a specific OS version is vital for promoting applications made for the newer operating systems. It ensures a positive outcome of any performance-based campaigns as different operating systems may drastically affect conversions.

Advanced OS Targeting in White Label DSP Account

Carriers Targeting

In performance-based advertising, the ability to target specific mobile carriers may have a significant influence on conversions. The White Label DSP carriers targeting feature ensures that your ads are reaching the most relevant audience with better carrier coverage for your ad campaigns. You can add this targeting criteria to your campaign via Campaign ---> "Targeting Options"

White Label Settings Page

The White Label Settings Page helps you place the general settings for your White Label account. Set up your logo, campaign name, add your branding, customize the privacy policy, set terms and conditions and add contact information on a single page. Take full control over your White Label DSP account and make all major changes by yourself: the whole process can be done manually in less than 10 minutes.

White Label Account General Settings

Creatives moderation improvements

Another UX-focused bonus for White Label DSP users is the separate page for creative moderation with extended functionality. The new creative preview functionality allows you to not only decline/approve creatives but also get an extensive preview of all creatives, banner or video, in iFrame. Improvements to the user interface and new creative preview functionality will help you moderate ad creatives faster and reduce time on checking the performance of every creative independently.

Creative moderation interface in White Label DSP Account

IFA filter

In the constant pursuit to buy highly targeted in-app traffic, advertisers cannot simply rely on standard targeting options. That's why the industry introduced a software-based advertising identifier (IFA) that stores the information about the customer's device indefinitely. While there are some devices that provide industry-compliant identifiers for advertising, there are still many others that do not send any IFA. From now on, you can cut off the SSP traffic without an IFA and save your budget for getting more valuable traffic.

Filter out every single user with the IFA and run the advanced performance-based in-app ad campaigns. Here are the successful targeting combos you can apply to your in-app campaigns:

  1. Promoting mobile games on the target audience, excluding every device that has this game installed.
  2. Target the IFA devices based on users installed apps: show in-app ads of the game to customers who downloaded a similar game.

AdBlocker Detection

Even the best of us make mistakes, so the following feature is for those who use Ad Blocker and sometimes forget to switch it off during the WL account log in. The smart WL DSP System detects if the user has enabled AdBlocker and alerts about it.

Other handy White Label DSP updates:

  • "Forever login" option
  • Blocked attribute support
  • Adjustable payment fee
  • Real timestamp for conversions
  • Improved frequency capping
  • CIDR notation in IP filter added
  • Mobile device type detection based on user agent
  • Insufficient funds message is hidden for NET users
  • Full billing URL support for Open RTB 2.5

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