Epom White Label Solution

Get the most from your programmatic advertising

Epom Ad Server released a high-powered DSP technology for creating white label DSP from scratch. Build your own demand-side platform, set up ad campaigns and manage ad activities with precise targeting tools and real-time analytics.

Branded advertising

Make your demand-side platform fully customized to your advertising needs.

Full Transparency

Access to any SSP in the world and control all the sources which you are getting traffic from.

Self-serve accounts

Provide advertisers with personal full-fledged accounts for efficient media buying.

Powerful analytics

Control ad performace with advanced analytics that updates every 1.5 sec.

Forecasted media planning

Collect the data about traffic coming to your DSP to map out your further media sales.

Traffic quality & Malware scanning

We protect advertisers from paying for fraudulent traffic and increase your inventory value.

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