Powerful RTB bidder

Epom Bidder is a complete solution to buy additional traffic from within your account. Connect as many SSPs that you need to increase the traffic volume.

Custom Bidder for your specific needs

You can either add any SSPs of choice to your account with a couple clicks of a button or choose to buy from our Epom Market inventory. Take advantage of a full-scale customizable ad serving solution and extend your reach to external sources of traffic for a flat serving fee of 2¢ CPM.
Our solution supports buying for desktop, mobile, native and rich-media units.

Precise targeting & Real-time advanced analytics

Extensive targeting that Epom is well-known for (carrier, wi-fi, custom parameters, city level and much more) will help you get access to the exact impressions you want.

A real value to your business decisions: break down the results by device/carrier/ad types/referrers and more. Have access to remote management and fetch analytics using our API.

Traffic protection with Forensiq

Take full control of the traffic sources using Epom's integration with Forensiq to do pre-bid scanning or post-bid analysis to ensure the maximum quality of the traffic that you're buying. Any integration with third-party systems (DMP, traffic scanners, malware scanners etc) is possible by request.

Contact our support team for a quick walk-through on setting up Epom Bidder!

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