Powerful Real-Time Bidding solution that delivers

Epom Bidder is a turnkey solution for buying any amount of traffic within a single account. Connect as many SSPs as you need to boost your traffic volumes
  • Unleash the power of programmatic with a customizable and powerful RTB bidder
Powerful Real-Time Bidding solution

Custom-tailored RTB technology

Scale your media buying by connecting any SSP or buy directly from the Epom Market inventory

Optimize your acquisition costs with a scalable ad serving solution

Get more traffic for a minimum flat serving fee without building your own solution

Improve your ad inventory with desktop, mobile, native and rich media units

rtb bidder interface

Precise cross-device targeting & real-time analytics

Get in-depth insights of your audience by analyzing custom parameters such as carrier, wi-fi, city level and many more

Track your performance across all channels and platforms: display, video, mobile, and native media. Integrate your analytics platforms with RTB Bidder via a powerful API

Network Manager dashboard visualization

Fraud-free traffic

We make sure your ads are seen by real people. Brand safe & clean traffic is ensured by Forensiq pre-bid verification and fraud detection technology. Integrated with Epom's fraud protection, Forensiq will eliminate fraud in real-time and prevent fake impressions

forensiq by impact logo

If you already have a third-party quality control system (DMP, traffic scanners, malware scanners etc) we'll integrate RTB Bidder with it upon your request

Traffic quality control systems

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What is an Ad Tag and How to Generate It [Examples Inside]
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What is an Ad Tag and How to Generate It [Examples Inside]

A world without ad tags would be too sterile and boring — no flashing banners, no Youtube pre-rolls, and (!) no extra revenue for you. Since we’re not living in a stir-crazy ads-prohibiting dystopia, we are all able to use small yet mighty ad tags. Invisible from the outside, these chunks of code are extremely crucial in ad tech.

Chrome's SameSite Cookie Changes - What Do They Mean for Ad Tech?
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Chrome's SameSite Cookie Changes - What Do They Mean for Ad Tech?

Chrome has rolled out its SameSite cookie update on February 4, find out how it will impact you as a publisher or an ad tech agency.