RTB & Ad Exchange

Simple Programmatic Buying and Accessible New Audiences

Expand your reach with Epom Market Ad Exchange and increase your yield by easily integrating your DSP partners or choosing one of the 60+ built-in DSPs available via Epom Ad Server. Help your ads and inventory become accessible to a much wider pool of publishers and advertisers.

Real-Time Bidding

Simplify the programmatic buying process by using the Epom Ad Server RTB platform. Easily set up integration with your partner Demand Side Platforms and start working with them immediately, or choose to work with one of our 60+ DSP partners including Index Exchange, Google DoubleClick, TLV Media, and many more.

Ad Exchange

Easily integrate your business with Epom Market and instantly expand your reach and your yield. Epom Market works with brands and site owners from all over the world, giving you access to publishers and advertisers in all verticals. Epom Market is the perfect solution for surplus inventory or the lack of advertisers from niche verticals.

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