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Epom Ad Server Extends Functionality

Feb 12, 20142 min read

We're incredibly excited to share the good news: Epom has recently upgraded its ad serving technology to enable clients reach up even better results.

Being absolutely sure of the fact, that even though 100% perfection is what can never be accomplished, it appears to be one of the strongest motivation engines in the product development. Given the continuous changes in the market's demands, we're constantly updating our ad serving solutions, in order to make them even more user-friendly and, at the same time, even more effective.

The latest expansion of functionality at Epom concerns Mass Targeting capabilities, which can now be used for faster configuration of multiple campaigns. Simply put, the system can now recognize requirements and set up campaigns with the same targeting peculiarities automatically, if you upload, e.g. the list of target countries, to your Epom account.

Moreover, the essential modifications have been implemented in Impression Measurement algorithms, which from now on can distinguish the so to say multiple recalls for one ad spot. This will, obviously, help to receive more accurate statistical data in each and every campaign.

It's also gotten easier for publishers to show particular banner ads, scheduled for public display, on the chosen ad placements, before the campaign launch, due to Epom Banner Preview (Advanced).

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