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Epom Ad Server Introduces New Features for Clients

Dec 23, 20142 min read

Aiming to simplify our clients' daily routine work and enable them to track ad performance accurately, the Epom Ad Server team has prepared a set of functional upgrades in the platform.

Upgrades in Analytics Reports

The new, customizable "Report Layout Settings" option allows the use of extra layout settings in the Analytics Reports (Base, Publisher, and Advertiser Analytics) and configuration of particular metric/value displays in each type of report. It is also possible to save frequently used report layout settings for further usage.

Activating the "Group by - Action" Filter in their Analytics tab, will allow Epom Ad Server clients to view either the general Action Analytics reports (the total number of conversions), or specified "Breakdown by Custom Parameter" reports, which include the Parameter Names and Values.

Extended functionality in Advertiser API

Epom Ad Server clients who use the Advertiser API can now apply several new features along with the previously added ones. Specifically, they can now upload local files directly to the ad serving platform and work with non-standard banners in their ad campaigns.

Updated Piggyback Tracking

The improved Piggyback Tracking feature at Epom Ad Server allows using either the Invocation Codes or the Tracking URLs to track custom parameters and automatically send reported data to proprietary or 3rd-party ad serving platforms.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the new features available in Epom Ad Server, please contact our support managers directly at

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