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Epom Adds Transaction Tracking

May 23, 20142 min read
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Epom team is delighted to announce the brand-new beneficial feature for clients, which allows tracking the actual value of conversions and increasing received ROI to a substantial extent - Epom Transaction Tracking.

The new transaction tracking feature is especially advantageous for companies, who cooperate with advertisers in the e-retail niche and wish to increase their ROI. Its essence lies in the possibility to track the actual value of each purchase or other conversion on e-retailers' sites.

As long as you implement the transaction tracking capability in your network account and confirm the updates with advertising partners, they will begin sending you an additional parameter in tracking URLs with the precise value of each conversion for further access in your account Analytics Tab.

Unlike the more conventional line of work, which presupposes applying the fixed average price rates, the use of Epom Transaction Tracking feature enables you to receive more accurate purchase value data and enhance profits for your ad network and publishers, as a result.

Check out the case study on how one of Epom clients JMU Ltd., has implemented Transaction Tracking and its effect on the company's ROI.

If you wish to learn more about the implementation of Epom Transaction Tracking feature, please, read our support documentation or contact our dedicated support managers at support@epom.com for more details.

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