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Epom Gains a Multi-Million Investment

Jan 17, 20142 min read

As we have promised, 2014 is starting with a lot of exciting news from Epom. This time, it is a great pleasure for us to announce that the company has recently received $7 million in a private investment pool.

Just after about a year since the previous round of funding, we at Epom are delighted to announce the acquisition of a new investment of $7 million. The received money will enable to fasten the development of Epom new solutions and the ongoing upgrade of the well-known products. In particular, the latter ones include mobile and video ad serving services and the featured solution for corporate clients - Epom Ad Server for Networks.

"We are really excited to start the new year and begin realizing our ambitious plans. Certainly, the obtained investment is fuelling our enthusiasm even more", Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom claims.

Additionally, Epom top-management anticipates to use the investment for versatile marketing activities, aimed at sustaining and improving the company's recognition on the international advertising market. "Yes, we have already gained the spotless reputation, but there is always room for further development", Serg Kopitkowski, Epom Senior Sales Manager explained.

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