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Epom Presents Fresh Features for Clients

Feb 21, 20142 min read

We are happy to announce several essential updates in the functionality of Epom ad serving platform, which have just become available for all clients.

Soon after the recently implemented functional upgrades, we have more great news for Epom customers. In particular, we are glad to present the freshest ad serving features, aimed at simplifying daily routine and enabling to run successful ad campaigns on desktop and mobile easily.

The most essential latest modifications include:

More time limitations for ad campaigns

It is now possible to set up precise time, when a certain ad campaign should begin and end.

Epom clients can configure the best time during the day to start and stop displaying ads via a particular campaign via defining hours and minutes in the relative bar in their user interface.

Even pacing

The "Even pacing" feature will be beneficial for large clients, in the first place, who work with massive volumes of traffic. From now on, it is possible to allow the platform divide the total amount of traffic onto equal parts within one campaign and evenly "distribute" them within the pre-defined timeframe.

That is, if an advertiser needs to distribute the display of 1M banner impressions within 3 days evenly, it is only necessary to put a tick near an "Even pacing" option in one's UI to let the platform mechanisms do all work automatically.

If you wish to learn more about new options, offered by Epom, please, contact our dedicated managers for more details.

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