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Meet Interscroller: an Elegant Alternative to Interstitial

Jan 16, 20182 min read
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The Interscroller is an inline ad format, where content comes into view when the user scrolls the article or feed. When 85% of the placement is viewable, the content will "snap" to takeover the pre-defined percentage or entire viewport. The user can scroll out of the screen view to dismiss the ad. Originally created for mobile, this format can perform great on desktop due to its seamless integration into different page layouts.


Why use it?

  • Possibility to display 3rd party banner tags as interscrollers.
  • Great fit for creative storytelling that makes your brand stand out.
  • Brings your creative in the center of attention without being intrusive.
  • Get 30% more user appreciation compared to expandable banner.
  • Perfect for both desktop and mobile.

Contact our support team to test-drive interscroller.

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