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Epom Ad Server: Your Best Open AdStream Alternative

Mar 27, 20196 min read
Lina Lugova
Lina Lugova, Marketing expert at Epom
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The ad tech industry is buzzing again! As we know, Appnexus has acquired the Open AdStream (OAS) from Xaxis in the pursuit of building the #1 programmatic platform.

Instead of building a completely new solution, Appnexus decided to develop the Open Ad Stream ad inventory management tool to help publishers serve more effective ads to visitors on their websites. As a result, Open Ad Stream as an independent ad serving solution was shut down. The customers, however, were left confused as they don't know which alternatives would fit their business goals most.

If you're seeking Open Ad Stream ad server alternatives, but never took the time to look what's happening in the ad serving market, then this article will benefit you.

There are many ad servers available, but not everyone will offer you the complete set of features at a reasonable price. Here's when the Epom Ad Server enters the market.

What is Epom Ad Server?

The Epom Ad Server is a software that helps publishers & ad networks easily launch and manage large, complex, and highly targeted multi-screen ad campaigns within one ad serving solution.

Founded in 2011, the Epom Ad Server is the most reliable tool for comprehensive ad performance measuring and reporting. Being 100% transparent, the Epom Ad Server offers real-time campaign data displayed on a responsive interface, with highly customizable build-your-own reports, tailored to your business needs.

As of now we're serving around 50 billion impressions per month and growing at a steady pace.

Major Benefits of Epom Ad Server for Ad Networks and Publishers

The Epom ad server has always been developed with the customer in mind. It has a full collection of ad serving features to help you maintain and manage all your ad activity on one platform. Here are the most valued ad server features that we offer to publishers and ad networks.

Automatic Optimization

The Epom Ad Server proprietary algorithm helps you to optimize your ad campaigns on the mobile & desktop to the maximum. It ensures that the best performing ad campaigns and creatives are displayed more frequently. Our technology automatically optimizes CTR, I2C & eCPM while also helping your campaigns to receive a significantly higher ROI without manual optimization.

Effective Cross-Channel Ad Serving

Reach the right users through the devices they're using: reach them via mobile web, desktop, and tablets while engaging them with highly convertible ad formats eg. native ads, video, and rich media.

Reduce your campaign setup time with mass uploads, and campaign exports/ imports. Do all this while managing your campaign with ease. Create your custom rules and apply them directly to your ad campaigns to minimize setup time and to connect dozens of ad creatives or campaigns to the appropriate placements within seconds.

Minimum to Zero Discrepancy

Ad discrepancy is a problem that can't be ignored in the vast majority of third party ad servers. Epom Ad Server has proven results in reducing ad discrepancy in every ad campaign. We've developed the technology that eliminates discrepancy: we fight the reasons for the discrepancies, saving our users up to 30% revenue monthly.

White Labeling Option

With White labeling, you can create your own branded ad server with zero expenses on your own solution development. The Epom Ad Server is a powerful platform which can be fully adjusted to your needs: add company logo, name, domain, and change the UI and promote it to your clients.

With the constant shift to the in-house solutions, you can stand out from your competitors by utilizing your own ad server for direct advertising.

Advanced Traffic Security Tools

The Epom Ad Server is partnered with the top security companies (Media Trust and Forensiq) to ensure traffic safety and ad visibility. The fraud issue has been a major concern for the whole ad tech industry, and although fraud evolves, our security tools evolve faster.

Need an extensive ad server comparison list to find a worthy alternative to Open AdStream (OAS)? See the full ad server comparison here.

How to switch from Open AdStream to Epom Ad Server?

Although there are likely hundreds of ad campaigns and custom setups in your Open AdStream account, bringing everything to Epom Ad Server isn't difficult.

The Epom Ad Serving account has one more benefit, which beats even the giants like Appnexus. The support team. When we say we have 24/7 support, we really mean it. Feel safe to challenge us with the most complex task and you'll be surprised how quickly we'll get it resolved.

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