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Server-Side Loading for Native Ads

Oct 23, 20151 min read

As ad blocking software continues to show tremendous growth, Epom Ad Server presents its clients with an improvement that brings all the advantages of native advertising with the added benefit of minimizing ad blocking rates.

The majority of ad blocking software targets banners that are displayed via inline frames, include an explicit ad-tag, or both. Epom Ad Server can provide a readymade solution that will present website visitors with native advertising that is loaded server-side, with virtually no delay, and that is likely to bypass all of the most popular AdBlocking software on desktop and mobile platforms.

This solution is available for the most popular website platforms, including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. If your website uses a different platform, we are more than willing to develop a custom solution that would work within the platform of your website.

For more details please contact your personal sales manager or email us at

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