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Epom became a certified Yahoo vendor

Apr 12, 2016  ·  1 min read

Epom Ltd. is proud to announce that it has recently got a new certification from one of the world's largest advertising networks. The company has been certified by Yahoo as an official third-party vendor of its desktop banner ads.

"For Epom, the certification from Yahoo is more than just an indicator of the quality of our service. The cooperation with this large ad network opens new opportunities for our clients. This goes for both the demand and the supply side," commented Andrew Lebowski, the Head of Sales at Epom Ad server.

The certification implies a number of benefits for the advertisers and networks working with Epom Ad Server. In particular, Yahoo ads can be integrated into the campaigns managed via the Epom platform. As for the publishers, the support of Yahoo ads means access to a larger amounts of high-quality ad content, as well as greater demand for their inventory.

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