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Epom Stands With Ukraine, and So Can You

Mar 03, 20226 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert

  • Day 1: Civilians of major Ukrainian cities woke up from the sounds of explosions.
  • Day 3: Russian army came close to Kyiv. Heavy fighting broke out across Ukraine.
  • Day 5: Putin kept bombing living quarters during Russian-Ukrainian negotiations.
  • Day 7: Missiles attacked and ruined the center of Kharkiv with its largest square in Europe.

This should be stopped. Now.

During the very first day of the war, Russia also destroyed 80% of the small town called Shchastia, which is in Luhansk Province in Ukraine. For all our foreign friends, Shchastia translates as “happiness”.

And here is deep symbolism in that: if we don't act today, there might be no chance to be happy tomorrow. Along with threatening the well-being of the Ukrainian nation, this war threatens the values of the whole civilized world.

As a company with Ukrainian roots, Epom stands with Ukraine. Many of you want to help, so we gathered a list of ways to do so.

Will This Situation Affect Me As Epom Client?

Not at all — just simple as that. But let's elaborate on this:

How About Epom Ad Server and Epom DSP?

Both major products, Epom ad server and Epom white-label DSP continuously operate just as before. Our servers and facilities are located outside Ukraine in North America, Western Europe, and Asia, so don't worry about stability of your daily ad operations.

What Will Happen to Epom Market?

Still nothing. Epom Market DSP operates in the same way as its big sister. 99% of our partners available at Epom ad exchange to purchase traffic from are based in safe spaces. You can register by the link and deposit funds to your account as usually.

Can I Talk to Sales and Technical Support?

Yup. Our brave sales and support teams stay in touch with our clients, making sure all of you access product trials and get prompt help with technical issues.

5 Ways To Help Ukraine as a Foreigner and Beyond

Not only soldiers, doctors and authorities can end this. Any feasible help is a grand contribution now. Depending on your resources and abilities, you can:

1. Help 7.5M Of Ukrainian Children

150,000 mothers have fled the country to keep their children safe, surviving the hell of overcrowded evacuation trains. Millions more are staying in even harsher circumstances under the siege. Supplies shortage, lack of baby food and water, and extreme childhood trauma is the reality of 7.5M of Ukrainian children right now.

How to Help Children:

2. Donate to Help Army and Civilians

Rusian agression is outrageous: troops are bombing hospitals, orphanages, civil houses, and schools. Over 2,000 civilians have already been killed in the war, many more were wounded. And around 30M of Ukrainians will be dealing with terrible consequences the tragedy brought.

How to Help Civilians:

Ukrainian army has gathered over $200M in donations within a week. That's quite impressive, but Russian troops keep advance and raises more people across the country, so Ukraine still needs support.

How to Help Army:

3. Host Ukrainian Refugees and Help Locally

Over 1M of Ukrainians had to flee the country to seek shelter in the near abroad. Most of them had to leave the country without sufficient resources for living. If you are from nearby country like Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, or Slovakia, you can especially help.

How to Help Locally:

Join a Protest in Your City, Especially Russians

Protests are held all around the world. The most active countries for now are Georgia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, and more. Every voice matters!

How to Help with Protests:

It especially should concern you, if you're living Russia. People die of Ukraine because of YOUR president. You are a 140,000,000 country with less than 900,000 security forces scattered across the country. Save your children, stand for your future and let's bring down the regime together!

Share Truth and Motivate Others in Social Media

Share verified information across your community. Share destroyed buildings, people in Ukraine, and tanks riding the peaceful town and villages. The world, especially Russian one, should know the truth.

How to Help with Posts:

The full list of ways to help as a foreigner.

Epom and Its Team in the War Time

Actions above words. We have already donated $2M for the needs of the Ukrainian army. The company keeps donating smaller sums to humanitarian funds to help civilians. Now, we gather all intellectual, financial, and emotional resources to defend our country, our beliefs, and establish peace in Europe.

Our Ukrainian team members are safe. The part of the team who has evacuated volunteer every free minute. Some of us who stay on the Western Ukraine help refugees. Part of our marketing team stuck aboard coordinate media, organize interviews with witnesses, and do everything to spread truth. Our developers joined the ranks of Ukrainian cyber army.

How to Support Ukraine as a Business

As a business, you can have many more capabilities to help than just a one single person. So you can double, or triple efforts to donate, help refugees, or spread information. Write a company statement, make a newsletter, share your position in social media.

What's more, you can come up with a unique solution you can offer to Ukrainians.

Examples: AirBnB provides free accommodation, Wizzair offered over 100,000 free flights for Ukrainian refugees, many SaaS companies gift free subscriptions and cancel invoices.

Your business should support Ukraine today, or tomorrow can be late for the whole world.

Support Ukraine

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