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Meet an upgraded Epom Ad Server UI design & a brand-new website

Jul 30, 20195 min read
Epom Team
Epom Team

Take a minute to walk around your elevated Epom account, enjoy the breakthrough design and then check out our revamped website at

In the world's history, July 30 is mainly known for the public release of the Watergate tapes and for the birth of Arnold Schwarzenegger (I'll be back). Here at Epom, we added this day to our calendars for another reason.

Today we introduce to the world an upgraded UI design of our Epom Ad Server. Our team of designers and developers worked around the clock to dress up every account! And we're more than proud than ever with the results. You may say that this special day for Epom isn't comparable to other events in history. And you're absolutely right!

However, for our team, these changes are truly epoch-making. The main challenge was to make a user-friendly interface show everything that our sophisticated ad serving technology has to offer. At the same time, we didn't want to overload your accounts with unnecessary details.

We gathered tons of user feedback to make the new UI design more intuitive, modernized, and simple-to-use. We analyzed the purpose of every button and made everything as clear as possible because you shouldn't spend hours learning or exploring the technology that enhances your online advertising.

The updated screens comprise everything that you need for cost-effective, hassle-free, and comfortable media buying and monetization. Accounts are furnished with intuitive icons, accurate fonts, and soft colors. All the major buttons and tabs are brought up and center to save time when navigating.

The new UI is designed to prevent any mistakes that can happen on the way to the ad campaign launch.

If you find the right button the second after you thought of it, if you seamlessly manage your ads without explaining, I consider the mission of design revamping complete. At least for now. I hope that our partners will enjoy a clearer picture of their advertising activities

Anton Ruin
Epom's CEO

Let's now take a closer look at the newly redesigned account. Meet the human-centered product design in action!


UI Epom Ad Server Account

Ad Campaign Tab

Alt Epom Ad Server Account


Statistics Report in Epom Ad Server Account

The next big announcement is our redesigned website! Since 2011, has been helping our team communicate with our audience. We ensured that it explains all our adtech products in details (Epom Ad Server, white-label DSP Solution, etc.).

The website blog is a trending digest on what's happening in online advertising flavored with case studies and company news.

Today we're ready to introduce our cutie to you. Enjoy!

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