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Say Hello to Epom White-Label DSP 3.7: 9 New Features to Improve Your Media Buying

Oct 16, 20199 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert

E is for Evolution. And also for Epom! No matter how happy you are with our demand-side platform, we're aiming for more. The 3.7 white-label DSP update proves our commitment and opens up new doors to the next-level media buying experiences.

The warm days are over. But on the bright side, the Epom team is back from vacation in full force working on updates the white label demand-side platform. Dull weather out the window doesn't discourage us, as we light up our space with ideas sparkling in the brilliant minds of our experts. However, only the brightest of these ideas transform into tangible DSP features we're happy to introduce today.

Take a comfy seat, prepare some tea, and get ready for a delightful tour of the upgraded Epom white-label DSP v 3.7!

“With our latest release, we went the extra mile and brought even more transparency to our white-label DSP. We added the long-awaited tools for tracking value of your conversions, gave you full access to your analytical insights, and enhanced targeting with an app info augmentor.”

Product Manager at Epom


Multiple Conversion Events + Value of Conversion

In the older version of Epom white-label DSP, you could track only that conversion has happened. Now you see the value of each conversion as well, which allows for more precise ROI assessment.

Multiple Conversion Event Settings

What's more, meet the slider of “multiple conversion”, which can be applied to the specific type of events.

  • Example: When a user clicks your ad 10 times instead of just one, multiple conversion events occur. The fact of multiple conversions reflects great performance when it comes to in-app purchases. But in the case of installs, only one install may normally happen per user.

In v. 3.7, you can specify which type of conversion you want to limit to just 1 time, and which ones you want to see as multiple events.

Campaign Quota State

Now you can finally limit daily spend and impressions while setting a campaign.

  • Example: You Set a “lifetime limit” at $2000 and “daily limit” at $500. During the campaign, you can monitor how many impressions are left to run today.
Impressions and ad spend limits

The incredible thing about the campaign quota state is that you know how many impressions and money are left. We added a counter field for each limit.

App Info Augmentor

When some SSPs send you a bundle with sources of traffic, they sometimes fail to categorize it. You see these sources as “uncategorized” and can't target specific audiences that use these apps and websites in your demand-side platform.

  • Example: if you are targeting the audience whose interest is “online education”, you can only reach bundles that are categorized as “education”. Uncategorized bundles coming from an SSP will not be included in the list of sources.

An app info augmentor resolves this problem. The algorithm automatically sets the proper category for bundles retrieved from an SSP based on IAB and store categories. Thus, you add new traffic sources to your campaign and enhance your programmatic reach.


Access to Lifetime Analytics

Recently, you had only real-time access to 2-month old reports and could request archived reports from our support team. But there is good news: now all your analytical data is available for you anytime you want. No support team help is needed.

Visible App Source Name

Timeless analytics also becomes more informative. With a 3.7 white label DSP update, you get the app source name instead of bundle ID, which is by no means informative.

App name, link, and icon are now visible
  • Example: You get some impressions from Fun Race 3D game, but you don't know that it's Fun Race 3D. All you could see in the past is 1207472156, or so. In 3.7, the name is displayed in your analytics.

Besides the real app name, you see a link to its app store page, and its icon.


DSP Video Companions

Link non-video display ad slots to your video campaigns. They will be shown on the same page to the same user.

Video companion settings
  • Example: You decided to watch a video on Youtube. Every time the non-premium user views anything, they see a pre-roll video ad before proceeding to the video itself. After the commercial ends, you can sometimes notice a clickable banner that is displayed throughout the whole video. This banner is called a video ad companion.

Starting from today, you can set your banner ad image and tie it to your video ad campaign in Epom white-label DSP.

Geo-Fence (Editor's Pick Feature)

Welcome the entirely new tab in the DSP interface. Geo-Fence is my personal #1 feature from this update. A powerful 3.7 version allows you to target an audience based on their real-time geolocation.

  • Example: Imagine that you want to target your campaign to all the users that are near McDonald's in the central Berlin area. You pick the venues you need, specify the radius of reach, and apply this audience in your campaign settings.
Example of Geofence targeting

What's more, you can also exclude people who are in a specific area or venue. If we were McDonald's, we'd exclude all people who are currently in the fitness clubs while advertising our new burgers :)


Advertiser Permission Settings

Epom white-label DSP v. 3.7 gives you more control over advertiser accounts. You may restrict your clients from specific settings if they don't need this functionality.

Admin permission settings

Easier PayPal and Stripe Integration

Now PayPal and Stripe can be added to your white-label DSP in one click! Skip talks with our support team and enter your publishable key, which you can request from your payment gateway provider.

Stripe & Paypal integration

See how much more intuitive our white-label DSP is becoming with every next update? At the same time, we never compromise functionality and make it simpler yet more advanced.

Liked new features but know nothing about the older ones? No problem, schedule a demo call with the Epom team to clarify everything!

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