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Check the Next Chapter of Our Story: Epom DSP 4.10

Jul 05, 20214 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert

Apple has never presented iPhone 9. Microsoft has never presented Windows 9. Epom has never presented Epom DSP 4.9. Just a coincidence, isn't it?

Both tech giants wanted to highlight a new beginning for their product by using the number ten. We will use 5.0 for that. The reason why we haven't told you about 4.9 is that it was almost exclusively bug fixes in there, while 4.10 is different. It features a new chapter of our story to tell you right now.

This last version of Epom white-label DSP 4th edition received mostly reporting & analytics changes, permissions updates, and some changes to the product interface according to our upcoming brand re-design. What's more, we added new tweaks to admin settings and leveled up our pop-ups to pop-unders. Time to zoom in and take a closer look!

Introducing Internal Banner Setup

An internal banner is a banner that can be placed inside your platform, right on the dashboard tab. This helps you to either empower your brand or advertise whatever your want to your clients. In Epom DSP, you can now set it up in a settings tab, placing here any invocation code including the one that can be generated with Epom ad server.

internal banner in Epom DSP 4.10

42Matters Integration Completed

We finished integration with 42Matters, so now all the apps that are present in this app intelligence data service are now automatically discovered in the analytics and media planning tabs.

Results of 42matters integration in Epom DSP 4.10

Moreover, if the supply-side platform you buy traffic from does not transfer any extra data about the app, we augment information about the app using data like the IAB category, oRTB category, and internal category available in 42Matters.

New Metrics for Video in Analytics

Since 4.10, you will see two new dimensions in your analytics tab — Video Q1 and Video 100%. These indicate if the user viewed 25% of the video or the whole video ad respectively. Such metrics help you understand better at which point your audience skip the ad and calculate the ad viewability.

new video metrics in analytics Epom DSP 4.10

Full SKAdNetwork Attribution Support

Since 4.8, Epom DSP supports SKAdNetwork attribution. As you may already know, SKAdNetwork is an API created as an alternative to IDFA, allowing to attribute mobile install data complying with the current Apple privacy policy. This method of attribution won't tell you who exactly installed your app, but you will know whether your ad was successful or not, and for which audience.

SKAdNetwork attribution in Epom DSP 4.10

You can enable SKAdNetwork attribution in Epom DSP 4.10 on the campaign level. Please note that it makes sense to enable it only if the SSPs on which traffic you're going to bid on also support SKAdNetwork attribution.

New Permissions Added: Price Models for Ad Formats and Invoice Generation

We added controls to enable/disable CPC and CPM price models for each ad format individually. This means your users will be able to bid only according to the pricing model you set up down here.

Creative payment types permission in Epom DSP 4.10

Another update to this section is invoice generation. The platform owner may disable it for their users, so they will still have access to billing, but will have to generate invoices themselves.

Improved Look of Reports

After generating reports, you will see not only a general chart of your users' spend, impressions, or other metrics, but will be able to visualize each user's stats individually. It's also possible to visualize the stats of each SSP in that way. A better show than say, so take a look at this screenshot:

New repots in Epom DSP 4.10

Different Color Theme Added According to Our New Branding

The standard look of our DSP at Epom Market has changed due to our new branding! Take a quick glance at it below. Please note that it doesn't change the fact that our white-label DSP users take care of their brand colors on their own.

New theme color in Epom Market

Hint: The look of our whole website will change soon, so keep checking our blog in the meanwhile, if you want to see the update among the first visitors!

Pop-Up Ad Format is Now Pop-Under

This is a truly grand update to our DSP! Kidding, we've just renamed the pop-up format to a pop-under, though its overall configuration hasn't changed much. Pop-unders are considered more user-friendly pops than simple pop-ups, so we expect our clients to gradually shift to change their preference toward them.

Pop-up is now pop-under Epom DSP 4.0

Other minor changes are the following:

  • Custom email notifications. The platform owner will be able to take care of email sending about all platform updates and disable us from doing it on their behalf.
  • Bidstream data collection update. All data transmitted from the SSP now may contain information about requests that received bids and several more fields. Now we can collect all bidstream coming from an SSP, which is good news.
  • Custom terms & conditions. The platform owners may set their own terms & conditions and privacy policy in the settings tab.

As always, you can go beyond screenshots and test-drive these and more features in our white-label DSP right now. A demo account of Epom white-label DSP 4.10 has them all, including admin settings and advanced permission controls, which are not available in Epom Market self-serve version.

Request your 14-day free trial and have fun with better analytics, get a visual delight of new reporting, and pull the strings of more permission settings in Epom DSP 4.10!

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