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Epom DSP 4.7: Revamped Bidding Rules, Bid Floor Price Optimizer & More

Feb 09, 20215 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert

We reached another milestone: the 4.7 version of our white-label DSP is live. The improved user interface, bid floor price optimizer, ad request validator, and many small yet delicious treats are inside! (And yes, we're hinting with the number that 5.0 is on the way.)

Making our steady steps forward, we developed a golden rule: the client comes first. Not the technology, not industry trends, and not the competitor's innovation; that's our clients who set the direction of our evolution.

Thus, most of our updates included in the DSP version 4.7 mostly touch the needs of the clients who already use our platform. First, we significantly improved the user interface and experience by revamping some sections of our platform. Second, we implemented a more granular optimization setup and an even more customizable admin panel. And last, we added new attribution features at the request of our client.

However, we bet you will enjoy these features even if you're on your free trial or just considering testing our platform. Let's get to it!

Revamped Bidding Rules Look

Bidding rules are one of our proudest features, but there's always room to improve. Bidding rules' algorithms were already honed to provide the best results, but their look was not that perfect. In DSP version 4.7, things have finally changed, and now you can enjoy the up-to-date design of our client's favorite feature.

Epom DSP revamped bidding rules look

What's more, now all actions automatically performed by bidding rules' or bidding multiplier's algorithms are showed in a new section called “Autopilot Logs”.

Epom DSP Autopilot Logs

Bidding Multiplier Update

We also updated another auto-optimization algorithm, a bidding multiplier. Now you can pick another type of multipliers such as device, country, and date & time to fine-tune the set of your multipliers for a specific campaign.

How it works: First, you pick a specific website or a list of websites where you want to apply a bid multiplier. Next, you can customize this multiplier for each country, device, and time.

For example, you set up a multiplier of 3x for Forbes, then set another 3x multiplier for the USA, Germany, and the UK, later specify a 0.5x multiplier for nighttime. All multipliers will be, well, multiplied if the visitor who should see the ad at the Forbes website meets these conditions.

Epom DSP bidding multiplier update

Bid Floor Price Optimization

Another change to optimization occurred in the campaign settings. Now the DSP can auto-optimize your bid based on the price floor that was in a bid request coming from a supply-side platform. You'll pay only a bid floor price as your bid plus $0.01 (or custom value).

Epom DSP bid floor price optimizer

Bid Request Validator

With a bid request validator, you can validate the bid request and see if it complies with IAB directives for the oRTB version you use. This minimizes the chance of any issues with your DSP not bidding for an impression, which frequently happens when there is some discrepancy between your DSP and some of your SSP connections. The validator will either identify your ad as valid or show the list of errors that make your request invalid.

Epom DSP bid request validator

New Creative Type: Interstitial

Interstitial is a rich media ad format representing an interactive full-screen banner covering the entire interface of your current page or tab. It's widely used in mobile in-app advertising, where it shows up as a rewarded ad or as a simple video or banner between the game sessions.

These ads have high viewability rates, as the user usually has to wait for at least a few seconds before they can skip the ad. The interactive nature of most interstitials also inclines the user to click on them.

At the same time, these ads often offer a reward for viewing them or just are the way to monetize the app. Users may find them disruptive, but most of them get used to them because of unwillingness to pay for the premium version or make in-app purchases.

Now Epom white-label DSP supports interstitial — you can pick the ad format while uploading a new creative alongside push, native, banner, video, and pop-up.

Epom DSP new format interstitial

Attribution Links & Custom Tracking Pixel

This is the feature Epom borrows from the attribution platforms. Now the user can add up to three links for different events, tracked once the ad is shown to the user. Links track impressions, clicks, and conversions by default, but you can set any other event if you need. You can also add an unlimited number of tracking pixels to your campaign.

Epom DSP attribution links

Custom Roles for DSP Users

Until recently, a root user could only set up two roles in the white-label DSP: an administrator and advertiser. Even though it was possible to set up custom permissions for every user, you couldn't change the role. From now, you can create any roles in a white-label DSP.

What's more about the user manager, now you can specify whether the user is a company or an individual to better handle invoices.

Epom & Singular Integration

Epom works on the integration with Singular, powerful 3rd-party analytics and attribution platform that open up new opportunities for analyzing your data and performance. Now you can bypass the restrictions of analytics data grouping in more than two dimensions.

Hint: integration with Singular is our primary focus now, so we'll likely announce more related updates in the next version of Epom DSP.

5+ Minor Features for Better Experience

There is no such thing as a software version update without minor fixes that can greatly affect user experience. Here are the ones packed in our DSP 4.7:

  • Shorter tokens in SSP manager. Now tokens are 3x shorter and are more convenient to be used in attribution links etc.
  • New targeting type. We added COPPA as a new targeting attribute.
  • Custom tenant email. Emails sent to your client on behalf of a DSP might contain a custom email you'll set up.
  • Language & OS info in analytics A DSP squeezes language data from the bid request or through augmented analytics.
  • Campaign data export. Export your campaign data in SCV or JSON formats.
  • Filters update. Except for creating lists inside a DSP, now you can export data from the file.

And the good news for the newcomers: you can test these and our older features for free by requesting a DSP trial. The trial may last up to 14 days, during which you get access to the full platform functionality of the newest version available.

Requesting a trial is simple! Just press the button below and enjoy limitless possibilities of Epom white-label DSP 4.7.

Test-Drive a DSP

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