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Epom White-Label DSP 5.4: Upgrade Your Advertising Game

March 31, 20237 min read
Marharyta Kaplia
Marharyta Kaplia, Head of Content, AdTech Expert

It’s been a while since we talked about some huge white-label DSP updates, right? Well, we were too busy improving its functionalities. So now, after spending some time polishing our WL DSP, we’re ready to spill the beans.

When I said it was a huge update, I wasn’t lying: 200+ completed tasks, bug fixes and iterations, a couple of new features added, permission updates, analytics and UI improvements, and a bunch of other things you might like in our latest white-label DSP version. Now, let’s get down to business.

Meet Revamped Campaigns

Campaigns are the backbone of any ad strategy, so we added several features to make the campaign launch process easier and more efficient.

One more step towards clarity – from now on, most campaign options go with the explanatory tooltips. There you’ll find general settings descriptions, useful hints, or tips.

For example, the Limits section got a valuable tooltip about the limits overwriting, so you have the notice right before your eyes about what will happen when you overwrite the limit value.

Also, we set a configurable minimal limit value of 1 to avoid the mistake of placing a zero spend, which will simply prevent your campaign from working properly.. In case you need to change this value, contact our technical support.

lifetime limits tooltip

Also, to simplify the interface, we put the secondary settings requiring extra competence under the advanced options section.

hidden secondary settings

For the CPC bidding campaigns, we added an extra field – click-to-bid rate, where you can set the required ratio. Set the exact price you want to pay for impressions to have more control over your budgets. Check a new column added to the analytics section to see this ratio.

click-to-bid ratio field

In Epom DSP 5.4, you can access particular campaign stats in a single click via the quick analytics icon in the campaigns list and each campaign page.

analytics icon in campaign list analytics icon on campaign page

Last but not least – supply-side platform endpoints linking. Starting from this version, you won't be able to select inactive and archived SSP endpoints on the traffic source linking page.

This is useful for clarity too – your dashboard becomes less cumbersome, and you don't have to remember what campaign is CPC and what is CPM because the system won't allow you to choose the wrong linking.

Fine-Tuned Creatives

The Creatives section also underwent major changes, so be prepared to check them thoroughly.

Let’s start with Macros. We’ve updated the macros list and grouped them by categories so it is easier for you to find the macro you need. Also, admin users can toggle off macros they want to hide from the users via the User Permissions.

categorized macros list

The next is the Macro Validation feature which will help to ensure all target URLs perform correctly. Now all the Macros that could “break” the target URL are force encoded – if you try to save a URL with the unrecognized Macro, you’ll see the warning message. Nice feature for better campaigns management, as you instantly see that your audience won’t reach you properly.

warning macro validation message

Another update to this section is the possibility to select particular SSP endpoints to run debugging. This update is handy when you need to troubleshoot particular SSP endpoints. So now you don't need to analyze all incoming traffic but focus on the specific source. Also, we disabled debug for paused creatives to simplify the workflow.

endpoints for debug

Configurable Labels Visibility

As an admin, you can now control which SSP endpoint labels are visible to a particular user role. Apply this tool to diversify the traffic sources for different user roles.

For example, show only selected SSP endpoints for regular advertisers but display premium-quality SSP endpoints for higher-tier advertisers with the custom user role.

Simplified Access to Help Center

From now on, each page has a help icon. If you click on it, you’ll be redirected to our Help Center article describing the features and settings of the current page.

help center quick access icon

Webhook Notifications

We added the webhook tool, so now you can receive notifications about certain events in Slack. Along with that, we've expanded the list of notifications. The admins can now pre-define the events' trigger notifications via the webhooks page in the General Settings menu section.

webhooks notifications tab

UI Improvements

We’ve been working on the UI consistently, believing each iteration brings us closer to perfection.

First, we improved the search field to enhance the navigation on the pages with tons of items. On the SSP endpoints page, you can now find the SSP endpoint not only by its name but also by its bidding URL.

ssp endpoints search

The next part of the UI improvements is responsiveness, as we've enhanced the display of all our pages for the smaller devices' sizes. All long names are now clipped to prevent overlaps.

pages display on small devices

Local Time Updates

Analytics time – now you can switch between UTC and local time in the user profile. This option will affect regular and admin analytics, as well as user activity logs.

setting analytics time

Local time targeting – decide whether to use UTC or local time for the campaign's date and time targeting. This option considers the audience's local time, not the user that sets this targeting.

Default Permissions

We hide by default all settings and options that can confuse the inexperienced users' workflow. If you're one of them but require the inactive features, contact your account manager or technical support to request them.

Also, we've fixed more than 200 bugs & imperfections to make the Epom DSP performance smooth and flawless.

Don't just take our word for it – the screenshots prove nothing. Instead, check the Epom white-label DSP 5.4 demo account with all the mentioned improvements available.

Test-drive these new features and see how they can skyrocket your advertising experience.

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