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Epom White-Label DSP 5.5 or 7 Major Tweaks to Make Your Life Easier

Jun 09, 202310 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert

We keep moving fast. Aligned with your feedback, our white-label DSP dev team swiftly added seven improvements to facilitate your experience with the platform. We’ve also tackled 100 stability issues and bugs to smooth out your journey.

Meet the features you use daily revamped! With a new version of Epom white-label DSP, you can launch single-format campaigns, search users & endpoints, and access relevant help articles in one click. Plus, your reports are now good-looking enough to match with people on Tinder if you add them as a profile picture.

“In DSP 5.5, we've honed in on key interface changes. Small but necessary, they will boost your productivity and give you zero chance of getting stuck.”

Vitalii Stukalsky
Head of Product at Epom DSP

Bold? Maybe. But it's all true. See for yourself as we pull back the curtain and give you a glimpse inside.

Resolve Bottlenecks with Better Help Center Integration

No more bouncing between tabs for feature-related queries. Each tooltip you see now corresponds to the tab or setting you’re on.

For example, if you go to the Retargeting Segments tab and need help with their creation or setup, clicking on a question mark icon will take you straight to the article about the Segments tab.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 help center integration

In the Campaign section, we've also polished the readability and overall look of tooltips. Instead of on-hover tips, now you’ll receive info after clicking on the question mark icon. This keeps all other elements on the page clearly visible, unlike before.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 improved tooltips

Test SSP Endpoints: 3 Possible Options

Before bidding on traffic from a specific supply-side platform, you can test SSP endpoints in three different ways. Users may try a random request from an existing campaign, a custom request, or build one from scratch.

Find this new feature in the SSP Endpoints section after you click on “Edit” a chosen SSP endpoint.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 test endpoint

Once you click on “Test Endpoint,” a screen will appear with three options. The default tab is Existing Traffic, but let's consider the Construct-a-bid tab as an example:

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 bid request constructor

Here's a quick run-through of each option:

  1. Existing traffic. If you use this SSP endpoint for any of your already launched campaigns, Epom white-label DSP will pick a random bid request and verify if it works correctly.
  2. Custom request. Paste any OpenRTB bid request and test it. Handy if you're setting up a new endpoint and have a sample request at your fingertips.
  3. Construct-a-bid. Input your desired traffic parameters and create a bid request from scratch.

So, why is this update a game-changer? The endpoint testing feature allows you to validate the performance of SSP endpoints before investing real money. By doing so, you're playing safe and avoiding overspending.

Generate Visually Appealing Graphs in Analytics

Our goal with Epom white-label DSP 5.5 is not just to provide you with numbers but to make them truly shine. Maybe matching on Tinder was an exaggeration, but you’ll definitely steal your clients’ hearts while presenting them with these reports.

The revamped Analytics tab now showcases sleek linear graphs without color filling or broken lines, as before. Do you also find it more pleasing to the eye?

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 analytics visuals

One more neat tweak here is an enhanced element selection. If you click on any element in the legend, the platform will highlight that single graph by default. To exclude the chart from the report, press ctrl/cmd + click on it.

Search Users By Name, Company, or Email

Ad agencies that already use Epom white-label DSP rallied for this update. To enhance our client’s productivity, we're thrilled to introduce the advanced user search in the User Management tab.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 user management search

As a platform admin, you can now search for users by their first and last name, company, or email. The improved search option will reduce your time spent on managing users, freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

Launch Single-Format Campaigns

For clarity's sake, now you can assign a single format to a newly created campaign. This will help you categorize your campaigns and avoid bidding errors that often happen while using creatives with conflicting parameters within one campaign.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 single-format campaigns

Thus, if you create a video campaign, you can only add video creatives to this campaign. For banners, you will have to create a new one and select the banner ad format at the start.

Existing campaigns with multiple types of creatives will stay as they are, but you can’t duplicate them anymore. Instead, you'll need to launch new single-format campaigns.

Hide Limits & Capping by Default

We have decluttered your screen by hiding limits and capping settings. Don't worry, they're just a click away when needed. But until then, enjoy the cleaner, fresher view.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 hidden limits and capping

If you decide to set any limits or capping, you will not be able to hide this setting back. It’s not empty anymore, and we believe you should see it!

Manage Manual Billing Effortlessly

In Epom white-label DSP 5.5, we've made managing your bills a breeze. When you add a manual transaction, you don’t have to dig through the infinite list of your clients to assign it to the exact user. Instead, you can now search for users by email or name and find them instantly.

Epom white-label DSP 5.5 billing user search

On top of these obvious productivity boosts, we also fixed 100+ bugs and issues, which is no less important for the platform’s performance.

Furthermore — we are going to add user agent hints and a long-awaited dark mode in Epom DSP 5.6. That’s just a sneak peek into the future, and trust us, we've got plenty more surprises up our sleeve when the day X arrives.

Hmm, are you still here? I bet by now you’d be already running to log in or sign up to Epom DSP and test all of this out for free.

Not yet? Let me help you get there — I’ll drop the link below.

Experience the upgraded Epom DSP 5.5 firsthand! Ready to see your ad campaigns flourish?

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