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Epom opened RTB Department

Aug 16, 20132 min read
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RTB integration in Epom Enterprise will provide an access to new ad campaigns and as a result give better monetization to all the verticals and all types of traffic that are featured on the online advertising market.

Our clients will receive an opportunity to connect with a variety of demand-side platforms, combine it with RTB-based campaigns as well as regular ad campaigns such as CPM, CPA, and CPC.

First, this feature will appear in our Ad Server solution and will be available for ad networks, agencies and large publishers. However, our aim is to make it also Epom Market RTB-enabled.

"We want to provide our customers with something more multinational than just a platform for rolling ads."- said Artur Rakytskyy in his interview to Media Post.

In order to make the clients; businesses more profitable, Epom is going to release a complex platform that will attract top SSP and DSP players to cooperation. Despite the fact that RTB team is made up just from seven members, the development of the trading desk is in high gear.

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