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Epom White Label DSP Rolls Out New Feature Updates

Nov 20, 20186 min read
Lina Lugova
Lina Lugova, Marketing expert at Epom
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Our White Label DSP team has announced a brand new lineup of features across the interface, targeting and reporting to give you a more robust and sophisticated toolset. You'll enjoy more control, greater flexibility, and one-click integrations — all without making life complicated for you, your team, and your customers.

Here's what we added:

  1. Video ad formats for programmatic advertising
  2. Creative Library
  3. Handy interface with simple campaign setup
  4. Smarter Targeting Options
  5. Advanced Reporting
  6. Private Marketplace & Direct Deals

Video Ad Formats

Buy premium video inventory from the biggest SSPs on the RTB basis. Enjoy all of this without a long negotiation process with ad networks. The upgraded DSP functionality includes video inventory, management, and performance measurement. With this functionality you'll be able to elevate your video advertising across your global digital strategy.

In cross-channel advertising strategies the White Label demand-side platform can maximize your media buying efforts across all channels & all devices.

White Label DSP minimizes all concerns media buyers face:

Issues of the digital industry: stats

Epom White Label DSP helps you buy video inventory by providing access to 30+ top-performing SSPs, driving outstanding engagement, increases viewability and produces the highest KPIs to every ad campaign:

Epom White Label DSP video Ad Campaign creation

To start your first programmatic video ad campaign, add VPAID or VAST tag to your video ad campaign setup.

Creative Library

From now on, you can upload and view all creative assets in your account in the "Creative library" section. Quickly upload creatives to your Creative library by choosing ad type, selecting attachments from the drop-down menu, and filling out all the necessary information.

If you want to add multiple files to your Creative Library simultaneously, use our new feature "Massive banner upload". It helps organize an unlimited amount of ad creatives by keeping them all in one place. All new images will be stored at Epom Ad Server for free. You can operate from the office or run your ad campaign from a personal laptop, and your creatives will always be available from any device.

You can also preview all your creatives at once with the new "Creative preview" option.

Creative library in white label demand side platform

Handy Interface with Simple Campaign Setup

Enjoy the fine-tuned handy interface, launch your ad campaigns in minutes and get a comprehensive overview of your media buying activities all in one place. Use our wide variety of tools to reduce your day-to-day workload and get the best traffic automatically.

  1. Copy Campaigns with Creatives
  2. Search by users and Filters
  3. Campaign & Creatives Interface improvement
Epom White Label DSP interface

Smarter Targeting Options

White Label Demand Side Platform allows you to forecast and buy impressions across screens and accurately measure your reach and effectiveness in a transparent way. Enjoy new targeting options, including

  • Device Version
  • Carriers targeting
  • Smart Bid Multiplier
White Label demand-side platform interface: Targeting options

Advanced Reporting

With real-time analytics and in-dash customized reporting, you can always count on getting total transparency & flexibility to analyze your ad campaign performance and make better optimization decisions. The information about Clicks and Conversions can be stored up to 7 days after the campaign ends.

Private Marketplace & Direct Deals Support

Private Marketplace helps advertisers buy premium inventory from the well-known and trusted publishers transparently, ensuring higher performance.

Publishers, on the other hand, benefit from better inventory monetization through invite-only auctions. Private marketplace helps them get additional control over the price, partnerships with advertisers, and higher eCPMs.

Direct deals have also drastically evolved over time: since advertisers are more concerned with the attribution, publishers need to provide deep analytics and custom reports. White Label DSP helps you maintain this healthy balance by providing extensive analytics on every impression.

We've been striving to build the White label demand-side platform to help you generate a higher ROI and become more effective. The White Label DSP team works together to maintain maximum transparency, viewability, and ROI for your programmatic advertising. Cutting off the manual work, our demand-side platform helps you maximize your media buying potential and also helps you gain better control over it.

Benefit from the all-in-one White Label DSP Solution for media buying. Elevate your programmatic media buying with our award-winning DSP technology. Don't have an account?

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