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Epom makes ambitious advertising simple. We combine flexibility and care to create a comfort zone for your ad business growth, regardless of its type.
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350+ brands already trust their ad serving to Epom. You will be in the excellent company of
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Ad Server for Publishers and Ad Networks

An autonomous ad serving powerhouse at your fingertips.
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White Label Ad Server

Get award-winning software developed by professionals and run your business with it. Customize every aspect of Epom ad serving solution to your brand identity.

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Code-Free Ad Templates

Serve rich media ad formats with little effort. Use pre-made video, HTML5, responsive and other templates to generate more revenue from your creatives.

Robust Features Beyond Ad Serving

Get powerful ad management tools to run, track and optimize your ad activities with 99.9% uptime.
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Efficient cross-screen advertising

Set up hyper-targeted ad campaigns to reach your audience at any time and place in your ad server account

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Best-performing ad formats

Engage users with responsive ad formats including display, mobile, in-app, video (check out our outstream & video slider) ads

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Instant analytics with no delays

Measure ad performance with multilevel granular analytics, create custom reports & get timely updates on your KPIs

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Automated optimization

Simplify ad operations in your ad serving account by switching on automated & data-driven CTR, I2C & eCPM optimization

Kickstart your growth with Epom ad server

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White-Label DSP for Brands and Ad Agencies

Create a tailored demand-side platform for your programmatic business. Connect to multiple SSPs, provide your clients with RTB services and auto-optimize your campaigns.
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