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5 Ad Server Features That Ad Networks Love [Infographic]

Aug 31, 20217 min read
Kate Aleksandrova
Kate Aleksandrova, Content Writer at Epom
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The first ad servers only had one feature — connecting publishers and advertisers directly via ad networks. Today, ad servers (especially white-label ones) offer up to 800+ features. It feels that if we wait a little longer, ad servers might as well start vacuuming and ordering presents for Mother's Day on Amazon instead of us.

Ad networks are the ad server's most active users. They connect the buy (advertisers) and the sell-side (publishers) and therefore have to keep track of a large number of factors to make all the parties involved happy.

We did a little research and asked 112 ad networks what they primarily look for in an ad server, and after processing their answers, we came up with a Top 5 Features infographic list. Below are the absolute favorite ad serving tools for digital ad networks.

Número Uno: White-Labeling

To be honest, we were a little surprised that white-labeling received the golden star — with a whopping 38.7%. But after a bit of brainwork, we realized the truth.

First and foremost, ad networks need their own software with their own company identity to be a full-fledged advertising brand. When you think about how to create your ad network, building your own platform or customizing a white-label one is probably one of the first things that come to your mind.

White-labeling in Epom ad server

Note: To get a white-label version of Epom, request the premium package on our website.

Número Dos: Outstream Videos

Outstream videos are IT right now. Publishers like them because they are monetized easily and advertisers like them because of the 100% viewability rate. More stats: 70% of advertisers and 77% of advertising agencies find outstream videos essential in 2023.

Video ad networks especially benefit from their cost-efficiency and simple setup, as this kind of video ad doesn't even need a player to be served on the page.

Outstream video templates in Epom ad server

Note: To set up an outstream video on the Epom platform, you will need to create a non-standard banner instead of a video banner. Being perceived as a video ad format, outstream ads are the de facto rich media templates, since they are not a part of any video player.

Número Tres: Custom Targeting

Custom targeting allows ad networks to use their own targeting parameters (based on the data received from publishers) aside from the default ones, eventually raising the performance of campaigns. Users are also on board with this: over 40% prefer personalized ads over random ones (You bet!).

Custom targeting in Epom ad server

Número Cuatro: Rich Media

Even though banner ads are not going anywhere any time soon, premium ad networks offer more and more rich media ad formats to their clients. Some ad serving platforms like Epom have pre-set rich media templates, so you don't need to code or additionally install anything to profit from the sky-high CTRs and performance that rich media offers.

Rich media in Epom ad server

Note: To create a banner using a template, simply specify the banner type “template” and pick the one from the list (see the screenshot in the part about outstream videos).

Número Cinqo: RTB Module

Due to the rise of programmatic advertising, almost 11% of ad networks named the possibility of integration with a DSP as one of the top features they are looking for in an ad serving platform.

While direct deals are a match made in digital heaven, a combination of programmatic and direct can often lead to even greater results both for publishers (in terms of fill rate and increased demand) and advertisers (in terms of access to more scalable and cost-efficient inventory).

Integration with DSP in Epom ad server

Note: Each ad network receives a network supervisor account, with which they can access the system configuration settings. Here, they can edit the list of DSP partners and later connect their publisher's placements to DSP endpoints instead of local files or HTML code on the banner level.

And now, without further ado, grab your popcorn, and let's check out all the visuals and stats of the Top 5 features ad networks look for in an ad server:

How about a 14-day free trial of an ad server that combines these five features selected by ad networks (and many more)?

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