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Top domain targeting option is available

Feb 26, 20183 min read

This week we released a top domain targeting feature that allows to target domains more specifically.

Why is it useful?

From now on, along with a Referer Header and Web Page URL you can target ad campaigns with top domains. Top domain targeting option ensures your ads appear only on the preferred websites and detects domain even if the tag, added to the website, is wrapped into the iframe. To enhance the targeting accuracy, we verify domain's match with Referer Header, Web Page URL, and Top Domain. So if the domain is excluded at least by one of these targeting options, the ads won't be shown on the website.

Whether you need to add 500 domains at a time, take advantage of a domain preset feature. Draw up a list of the domains that have to be included or excluded and use this list afterwards while setting up your further ad campaigns. Whitelist assures your ads will be shown only on websites from the list, while blacklist doesn't fully secure ads from appearing on unacceptable webpages. Try to opt for a whitelist targeting in case you have a chance to choose between whitelist and blacklist preset targeting.

Top domain targeting amplifies control over your media buying by tracking the domains where your ads appear. Check out your top domain report in advanced analytics to actually see what domains you are buying traffic from. If publisher implemented the direct code or friendly iframe on his website, you would be able to track the real domains in advanced analytics regardless of the browsers included in ad campaign targeting. So far the feature also assures the domain detection through sandboxed iframes in Chrome browser, Safari, and all mobile devices.

With just one click you can apply top domain as default channel option at your placement tab. The latter enables passing domains to the analytics in a way you used to track channels. If you continue to pass channels along with top domains as default option you will see channels in analytics.

Hope you'll enjoy top domain targeting feature and reinforce your advertising activities with a new level of transparency. Contact us to test-drive this feature straight away!

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