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Welcome Ad Opportunity Limits in Your Account

Feb 16, 20182 min read

Good news everyone! We added a new type of ad limits to your account. Ad Opportunity limits make traffic buying more accurate and precise. These new limits restrict ad opportunities sent to the advertisers, they are now available in your ad campaign and banners settings.

Why use?

In most cases, advertisers count impressions not considering the number of ad opportunities they've got from the publisher. In fact, the part of ad opportunities remains unseen or gets lost. Ad Opportunity limits help you to track and control the exact numbers of what you send to the advertisers, regardless of what they are able to monetize.

You can set up Ad Opportunity limits in addition or instead of impression, click, conversion and budget limits. Even pacing option works properly with any type of ad campaign limits.

Contact us to test-drive the new feature straight away!

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