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Create your own ad network with white label ad server & get full control over your programmatic advertising: buy traffic, manage ad campaigns and deliver impressions across desktop and mobile devices.

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White Label Ad Server

Create your ad network with branded emails, personalized UI, and even custom code – every aspect of our ad serving solution can be tailored to your brand identity.

Mobile-focused ad server

Get a white label mobile ad server for programmatic advertising to manage mobile ads on web, mobile and in-app and optimize them to the fullest.

Rich Media ad formats

Run top-performing rich media ads on mobile and desktop screens to deliver amazing and UX-friendly ad experiences without any technical expertise.

Real-time Stats

See the stats on your programmatic advertising in a real-time with no report delay. Generate and schedule powerful analytics reports based on various parameters.


Epom supports RTB functionality for programmatic media buying. Connect to multiple DSPs and SSPs with the help of cutting-edge technology.

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Complete Programmatic Solution

Empower your ad network with a complete RTB bidder solution allowing to enhance programmatic media buying and connect with as many SSPs as you need.

Powerful RTB bidder

Add any SSP of your choice or buy Epom Market desktop, mobile, native and rich-media inventory programmatically with only a few clicks.

Real-time analytics

Get updated analytics in only 1.5 sec, fetch granular statistics with our API and make forehanded business decisions.

Precise targeting

Easily reach the relevant audience at the right time, place and device with hyper-precise targeting tools (locations, languages, carriers, IPs, custom parameters and much more).

Anti-Fraud protection

Epom's integration with Forensiq ensures pre-bid scanning and post-bid analysis to attain the maximum quality of the traffic that you're buying programmatically.

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