White Label Ad Server for Ad Networks

Start your advertising brand in just a few days — create an ad network with a white label ad server. Instantly match your demand & supply clients and benefit from optimization tools on board.

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Transform Your Advertising Business

Build a unique platform

Start your brand around a white label ad server. Personalize UI, match publishers & advertisers, and manage permissions for your clients' accounts.

Say goodbye to ad fraud

Enjoy quality traffic instead. Epom's integration with Forensiq runs pre-bid and post-bid scanning to ensure your traffic is coming from reliable sources.

Use a powerful API

Collect data directly from the ad server and integrate it with your third-party analytics platform. Use an ad server the way you need, right up to the complete interface revamp.

Receive prompt insights

Apply filters to run reports on specific parameters. Get timely updates on key information about your client's campaigns in a one-hour timeframe

Serve ads in 40+ formats

Run diverse creatives: display, video, in-app, rich media, and even non-standard ones. Use preset templates to save time on serving complex ad formats.

Auto-optimize campaigns

Simplify ad operations with data-driven optimization. Implement capping and change banner weights to make your ads work for you without supervision.


Epom Ad Server in Numbers

800+ robust features
300+ satisfied users
95% renewal rate
30+ custom templates
40+ advertising formats
50B+ ad impressions monthly

Advanced Features, Advanced Control

Empower your ad network with hundreds of robust features. Dozens of flexible adjustments are waiting for you inside, including:

Precise targeting

Target users by location, time range, language, IP, carrier, and custom parameters based on 1st-party data.

Capping & optimization

Regulate frequency, click & action capping. Use auto-optimization to increase CTR or conversion rates.

DSP integration

Sell your publisher's inventory via RTB protocol by connecting a demand-side platform of your choice.

Rules for mass linking

Set up your own rules to connect dozens of ad creatives to the appropriate placements in a few clicks.

Multiple pricing models

Trade ads via CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing models. Set up any kind of action while choosing a CPA.

Extended data collection

Gather information like IP, x-forwarded-for, user-agent string, and connection type using Epom logs

Roles & permissions

Give out accounts to your clients only with the features they need. Restrict or open access to specific sections.

Rich media & outstream templates

Save time on coding — request customizable ad templates for your outstream video and rich media ads.


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