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Summing up Epom's 2020: 13 Self-Awards of the Year

Dec 24, 20205 min read
Kate Novatska
Kate Novatska, AdTech Expert

A crazy year is almost over. It's time to recap, digest, and take another step. We listed 13 things about Epom achieved by Epom, that made us proud.

2020 was like a whirlwind. The iconic magazine “Times” crossed the year with the red mark on its December's cover and dubbed it “the worst year ever.” Such a statement is likely exaggerated, but it was the most unprecedented and dynamic, not in the right way, year of the millennia.

Epom, however, went through the turmoil with dignity. That's the #1 reason that established a festive mood in our family and inspired us for another breakthrough in 2021. Check out 13 things that made our year — and probably one of them will make your day.

#1 Achievement of the Year

We survived 2020 at full force and helped 450 clients to make more thanks to their great advertising, monetization, or business management efforts. We were not the only ones who doubled their profits, but almost one-third of our clients made it, despite the hardship of lockdowns, economic collapse, and other constraints.

Product Update of the Year

According to our CEO Anton Ruin, our major release was Epom DSP 4.0, where we made a “quantum step forward”. It offers a number of flagship features, including:

  • CPC bidding;
  • Geofencing;
  • Push ad format;
  • iFrame links;
  • Color theme adjustment;
  • Advanced admin panel;
  • Upgraded analytics.

What about learning more about this update? Check the blog post dedicated to DSP 4.0.

Feature Release of the Year

Our favorite feature we released this year was geofencing, a blast for precise targeting in a white-label DSP, which is skillfully curated by its product owner Dmitry Chebakov.

I even wrote an article on this feature, emphasizing its importance for app developers. This functionality is also useful for local business: now you can target relevant users in a certain area in real-time.

Check out Kate Novatska's piece on geofencing for hyper-targeted ads in hyper-casual apps.

Ad Format of the Year

At the start of 2020, we released templates for outstream ad formats for our ad server customers. This feature was also named the “dream feature” of about 32% of our site visitors who interacted with Drift. No wonder: outstream video ads are viewed for 25% longer and generate 2.5% higher CTR. Video advertising was king in 2020, and we'd call outstream its throne.

Epom outstream video ads 2020 recap

Find out the rest of the benefits of outstream for publishers, advertisers, and ad networks.

Marketing Innovation of the Year

It's not just about better marketing, but also about better sales and customer service. We partnered with Drift and launched a chatbot on every page of our website. It helps you to learn more about our products, find relevant info 3x faster, and discover interesting stuff made by our marketing team.

Test the bot in the right bottom corner of the page!

Publication of the Year

The greatest ever publication and the article created by the Epom team is our publication on the NextWeb. It covers six fatal mistakes made by ad tech giants in the 2010s and how we can avoid them in the new decade. Aside from being our best-written piece in media, it's also a tremendous PR achievement of our CMO Lina Lugova.

Read the full piece on the NextWeb, and let's not repeat history!

Partnership of the Year

Thanks to the efforts of our CEO Anton Ruin and head of sales Andrew Liulko, Epom is now partnered with Google, which means that our clients also can buy inventory from publishers that use Google ad managers. Step by step, we are closer to covering supply from the entire web!

Podcast of the Year

Ever wondered how to save up to $36,000 on your advertising? That's real. Sergey Shchelkov, our immovable sales executive, reveals how you can implement it within your own company in his Martech Podcast hosted by Benjamin Shapiro.

Learn the secrets of cost-effective advertising in the full version of Sergey's podcast.

Guide of the Year

Remember that Wasteland Survival Guide from Fallout 3 and New Vegas? Even if not, I'll briefly explain: this is the ultimate guide on how to not die from a bite of a mutated beast or how to find pure water without radioactive particles in post-apocalyptic America.

Epom survival guide for ad networks button

Right now, the world is similarly experiencing a so-called coronapocalypse, and both people and businesses should adjust to a new reality. We created a post-coronapocalypse survival guide to help brands and networks get through the turmoil and adapt their strategies according to the audiences' needs.

Download your piece of a post-coronapocalypse guide and stay afloat during uncertain times. Moreover, you can check out our other guides.

Infographics of the Year

It was a hard choice to pick only one infographic, but I've done it. Our winner is an infographic about CTV ads or “The Golden Age of Television Reloaded.” Here you will learn everything we know about connected TV and its state in 2020. And indeed, kudos to our marketing designer Anna Synytsyna for her creative vision that makes our illustrations so engaging.

See our infographics of the year in full size.

Blog Post of the Year

When it comes to our blog, we keep our quality bar almost sky-high. That brought us tangible results: we doubled our organic traffic since 2019 and nearly tripled conversions coming from our articles. It was pretty hard to pick a single piece of content that our readers loved the most, but a little study of Google Analytics & Ahrefs stats plus client research has got this straight.

The winner here is the article about how to set up your first programmatic campaign. This actionable piece of content is evergreen and relevant to anyone who thought about trying programmatic for at least once in their life.

Read the manual for setting up a programmatic ad campaign. Only three steps are needed.

Youtube Video of the Year

Our most popular videos on Youtube are basic ones like “what is an ad server” or “what is a DSP”. Yet, here we nominated videos that required an extra effort for our team to create. In our two-part series, we covered programmatic from A to Z based on 20 most burning questions of our clients, leads, and occasional web surfers.

Watch part 1 and part 2 of the top-20 programmatic questions on Youtube.

Quiz of the Year

Over 300 visitors of our blog now know what to use for their programmatic advertising: a white-label DSP, a self-serve DSP, or both. How? Very simple: our front-end dev Vladimir Denisenko designed a 10-question quiz that gives you an unambiguous answer on what exactly you need for your business right now.

Want to figure out the best tool for your business as well? Take our DSP quiz!

2020 is a year of revelations that gave us a clear vision of what to do next. We're ready for the future challenges and accomplishments and share these positive vibes with you. Grab our Christmas cheers!

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