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Mfun Android app hires Epom Ad Server for monetization. What are the results?

Aug 5, 20196 min read
Nina Bohush
Nina Bohush, Marketing expert at Epom

Mfun Mfun is a blockchain rewards platform committed to building a digital content ecosystem. Mfun aims to change the business model of digital advertising by redistributing the value in the industry more fairly to consumers and digital content providers in Southeast Asia.

Mfun has a mobile application that rewards users for watching ads and helps advertisers drive desired results.

Mfun mobile app with rewards

After watching ads, app users get reward tokens delivered right to their e-wallets. Tokens may be spent on online services, cellphone credits, game or supermarket vouchers, etc.

How to get rewards from ads views in the mobile app?

Mfun works with a bunch of Indonesian local brands directly. The app aspires to help advertisers reach and engage with their targeted audience. Mfun's partner brands are mainly represented by major e-commerce and FinTech companies in Indonesia interested in exposure through CPC, CPA, and CPO ad campaigns.

This is how Mfun's ecosystem operates today — it creates a setting for advertisers, users, and Mfun itself where everyone wins. However, a few months ago Mfun's success story was only about to start.


When reaching out to Epom, the Mfun team was looking for an ad serving solution to enable app monetization and turn ad views into revenue for the company. The team wanted to reach higher performance for higher performance, better control, and live statistics for their ad activities.

Other requirements:

  • Detailed analytics tracking
  • Control over all ad placements
  • A/B testing of creatives
  • Automated optimization algorithms
  • Guided onboarding
  • Seamless integration
  • Reasonable price.

It's also important to mention that the team has never used a third-party ad server for running online ads before.

Through research and comparison, we chose to integrate Epom's ad serving platform because of its full-fledged capabilities to fulfill our requirements. Epom supports multiple ad formats, real-time analytics, and reporting, enables KPIs automation, and the best of all is their affordable price!

Mfun's Senior Marketing Expert

Fast Facts

Fast facts illustration


We offered Mfun to start with customized 300x250 and 320x50 mobile banners. Then, together with Mfun, we created ad zones and placements for placing banners in various in-app spots. The team ran a few split-tests to pick creatives and placements with the highest performance rates.

Before going live, Mfun set an accurate targeting and frequency capping for every ad unit. They also took advantage of limitation management by putting budget limits on banners.

The Epom support team guided Mfun on all stages of the setting up process. Our support managers also helped accomplish the ad campaign optimization onwards.

After successful banner implementation, Mfun shifted their focus to mobile videos. At the moment, Mfun is in the middle of adding engaging video ads to their Android app.

Besides, the Mfun app also has its web version. The publisher has inserted ads there as well.

Managers from the Mfun team monitor real-time statistics featured on their dashboard, and make immediate improvements if needed. Now they have full control over their ad campaigns.

Mfun uses Epom Ad Server for effective Android app monetization


The hiring of Epom Ad Server let the Mfun team:

  • Receive sustainable monthly revenue
  • Discover the most revenue-driving creatives
  • Maintain ad performance on a high level
  • Attract more demand partners with quality and well-optimized ads
  • Automate ad campaign optimization
  • Engage users with quality mobile ads
  • Save user's loyalty
  • Get 24/7 technical support team

We have gained significant impressions and started getting increased revenue in recent months

By the end of 2019, Mfun is going to test-drive more ad formats, increase in-app revenue by three times and, of course, continue perfecting their app.

Want to monetize your mobile app and get sustainable monthly revenue? Schedule a demo call to start right now!

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